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  • Trial Notebook

    Relying on what is commonly called the “post-judgment interest statute” — Section 2-1303 of the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure — Holly Shackelford sued Allstate Fire & Casualty Insurance Co. for 9 percent interest on a $16,000 arbitration award in an uninsured motorist case.
  • Privacy, Technology and Law

    In the absence of comprehensive federal consumer privacy laws (which look less likely under the current administration) and the rollback of federal agency level privacy regulations, states are attempting to fill the privacy law void.
  • Labor Daze

    Readers of this column may recall that some serious tension was brewing between an employer’s seemingly conflicting obligations under the National Labor Relations Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  • Letter to the Editor

    Richard J. Aronson is an attorney with Bruce Farrel Dorn & Associates. His letter comes in response to Michael R. Panter’s Mediation Circus column published last Wednesday, “As verdict amounts rise, when does it become too much?” and Jeffrey J. Kroll’s response in a Friday column, “Verdict amounts are on the rise, but are they fair?”
  • Lawyers' Forum

    From the Illinois Supreme Court bench to the silver screen, Justice Anne M. Burke’s life is about to take an interesting turn. Or, more accurately, another interesting turn.
  • Mediation Circus

    Is there such a thing as too much? Lawyers, parties in litigation and especially insurers are asking. Judges have to be wondering.
    Sporting Judgment

  • SHEFFIELD, England — The birthplace of modern soccer is now an unassuming site: A couple of pitches with no stands for supporters, and a ramshackle indoor facility where damp rises on the walls and paint peels from the goalposts. — Free read
  • Sports Marketing Playbook

    Facebook has been slowly but steadily collecting the streaming rights to a range of sports programming, from college football to the World Surf League. More consumers are watching live content on streaming platforms because of their mobile convenience and interactive elements, including the ability to give real-time feedback and comments.

  • After years of policing post-touchdown expressions, spawning the derisive “No Fun League” nickname along the way, group celebrations were green-lighted this year. — Free read
  • Non-Billable Hours
  • Balancing Life and the Law

    Editor’s note: The author wrote this column in response to the Nov. 15 Mediation Circus column by Michael R. Panter, “As verdict amounts rise, when does it become too much?”
  • Opening Statement

    I will never forget the night of Saturday, April 6, 1968. Two days earlier on April 4, civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. had been assassinated and riots were erupting in African-American communities in cities throughout nation.
  • Non-Billable Hours

    Tolstoy famously pronounced, “Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way,” and the Odinsons, who rule a world called Asgard, are spectacularly dysfunctional.
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