• SPRINGFIELD — When a state appellate court ruled that a property tax-exemption law was unconstitutional, the panel lacked jurisdiction to do so, the state Supreme Court decided in an opinion released today.
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  • Trial Notebook

    The requirements for a class-of-one equal protection claim remain unclear. Sitting en banc in a 2012 case that ended with a tie vote on whether to affirm the dismissal of a class-of-one complaint, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals split three ways.
  • Lawyers' Forum

    Defendants in criminal prosecutions are sometimes ordered to pay restitution to the victims of their crimes.
  • Balancing Life and the Law

    A common misconception is that video clips or a videotaped deposition cannot be shown if the witness is on the stand. The converse is actually true.
  • Law Bulletin headlines this week in history.
  • Legal History

    See if you know what happened on this day in Legal History with Karen Conti.
  • Mediation Circus

    This is the fourth and final column in a series based on a recorded discussion with George Collins, who died in October at age 85.

    George Collins handled many law firm dissolutions over the six decades he practiced law. He talked about the two issues that come up in almost every firm breakup: Who keeps the main phone number and who keeps the office space.
    Sporting Judgment
  • The news seemed unimaginable, much as it might have 78 years ago when Yankees fans learned Lou Gehrig was diagnosed with the disease that would later bear his name. — Free read
  • Sports, Business & the Law

    The International Olympic Committee executive board met last Thursday in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the host of next year’s Winter Olympic Games. Among other topics, the board addressed doping.
  • Israel is the big surprise of the World Baseball Classic, upsetting three teams, generating buzz and offering a mascot like no other — “The Mensch on the Bench.” — Free read
  • Non-Billable Hours
  • Non-Billable Hours

    You know you want to see “Kong: Skull Island.” You just want me to tell you whether you will regret it.
  • YAMAZAKI, Japan — A dim storage room surrounded by bamboo groves and pastoral hills is filled wall-to-wall with 3,000 wooden barrels. Here sleeps, for years, sometimes decades, prized Japanese whisky. — Free read
  • Non-Billable Hours

    In a recent New York Times op-ed piece, Gloria Steinem defined “chick flick” as a movie “that has more dialogue than car chases, more relationships than special effects and whose suspense comes more from how people live than from how they get killed.”
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