• A trucking company has agreed to pay $9.75 million to settle a case brought by a 49-year-old Near North Side woman injured after a truck hit her while she was riding her bicycle.
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  • Trial Notebook

    The general statute of limitations for claims of breach of fiduciary duty under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act is six years. But if the plaintiffs had “actual knowledge of the breach or violation,” the deadline for suing is shortened to three years from the date of enlightenment.
  • Criminal Convictions

    If you want to understand why the “technicalities” of a criminal trial are important, try sitting in on a university disciplinary hearing, where students face penalties as severe as expulsion but where such protections don’t apply.
  • The Buzz

    What does estate planning have to do with meditation? Quite a lot, actually. As a student of meditation, I was quite moved by the similarities between the Buddhist philosophy and my personal work mantra and website tag line: Plan today, strengthen tomorrow.
  • Civil Rights

    Today’s column reviews a recent U.S. District Court decision that explored the scope of a state prosecutor’s entitlement to immunity from civil rights liability for his role in initiating a state court criminal case.
  • This Day in Legal History

    See if you know what happened on This Day in Legal History with Karen Conti.
  • Ask Snap-D

    The way law firms retain and acquire new business is more competitive than ever, and client loyalties simply are not how they were in the good ol’ days.
  • Tully‚Äôs Law

    Can you be lawfully arrested and prosecuted under Illinois’ false personation statute for setting up a parody Twitter account to transmit off-color tweets in the name of a public official?  — Today's free read
    Sporting Judgment
  • Privacy, Technology and Law

    The Snowden scandal has had a lasting effect on international, privacy-related policy negotiations, the results of which have recently have trickled down to, and caused a bit of a headache for, three National Football League teams.
  • The NBA and the Los Angeles Clippers are ready to move on, even if Donald Sterling wants to keep fighting.
  • Juris Endurance

    Make sure to refuel after your run. Hydration is important. You need to eat, too. I recommend a ratio of 4-to-1 of carbs and protein within two hours of exercise.
  • Non-Billable Hours
  • Living near the crystal blue water of Lake Michigan can detract, however, from the water quality issues felt around the world and even in the United States.
  • On the Job

    Remember learning how to drive? You were likely instructed to look past the car’s hood, down the road, seeing the forest view. Nailing a job interview and getting an offer is similar to this simple driving lesson.
  • So let’s start with the enticing premise of Luc Besson’s “Lucy,” starring Scarlett Johansson: Human beings only use 10 percent of their brain capacity. Imagine what it would be like if we could access all of it?
  • LOS ANGELES — Even though Rupert Murdoch’s $76 billion bid for rival media giant Time Warner Inc. has been rejected, that doesn’t mean how you watch TV shows and movies will stop changing any time soon.
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