• SPRINGFIELD — The state’s high court has decided to settle a fight over a $1.2 million bleacher project. The Illinois Supreme Court on Wednesday accepted two appeals in a case surrounding Crystal Lake South High School’s football field bleachers.  — Free read
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  • Trial Notebook

    Acknowledging that some Illinois Appellate Court opinions on the “express reservation” exception to the Illinois rule against claim-splitting are “in tension” with Illinois Supreme Court precedent, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed an order that dismissed Orlando Brown’s retaliation and racial discrimination claims against the city of Chicago.
  • Making It

    Success means different things to different people, but learning from someone’s journey to success is one way to be inspired. Chatting with somebody like Susan C. Levy gave me my first inspiration for the year.
  • Lawyers' Forum

    From civil rights to criminal justice reform and beyond, Illinois has a well-earned reputation as a progressive leader among states — a place that’s willing to step forward and test new policy ideas when the well-being of its people is at stake. But when it comes to protecting our student-athletes from potentially career-ending and life-altering injuries, we must do more.
  • Better Practice

    What do you call a motion to withdraw as counsel on appeal in a post-conviction proceeding? If you’re in Illinois, chances are you know this as a Finley motion.
  • Commercial Litigation

    A recent 2nd District Appellate Court case vividly illustrates the importance of diligent record-keeping on construction projects and the dire financial consequences that can flow from a failure to do so. 
  • This Day In Legal History

    See if you know what happened on This Day in Legal History with Karen Conti.
  • Ask Snap-D

    Ah, the monthly invoice. Clients dislike receiving them as much as attorneys dislike creating them. There is a way to create those invoices, however, so that they aren’t so painful.
    Sporting Judgment
  • Time-Out

    On Dec. 2, members of the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation held a hearing to shed light upon the four major sports leagues for their failure to punish players in connection with acts of domestic violence and failure to aid victims.
  • NEW ORLEANS — Relatives of New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson have filed a lawsuit opposing their ouster from ownership positions on the teams.
  • Sports, Business & the Law

    In 2014, the International Olympic Committee took an unusual step by calling an “extraordinary session” for all IOC members. The goal was to address a major problem regarding the future of the Olympics.
  • Non-Billable Hours
  • On the Job

    I’m not a TV buff. OK, I binge-watched “Breaking Bad” for two months last year. I intend to DVR the two-night premiere of its new prequel, “Better Call Saul,” next week. Why plug “Saul” in a column about legal careers?
  • NEW YORK — Pawel Pawlikowski tried to make his film a flop. He shot it in black-and-white, in Polish and without any well-known actors. Commercial prospects were about as grim as the movie’s own exhumation of German-occupied Poland.
  • PHOENIX — It is the game that must not be named — at least not without permission. For most people, the game Sunday between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks is the Super Bowl. But for many business owners, it’s simply the “big game” or “game day.”
  • On the Job

    We’ve all been told that a resume’s purpose is simply to get you an interview. Sound familiar? I used to say this to lawyers years ago, and I believed it. Today, I’m not so sure, and I don’t espouse this any more.  — Free read
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