• Six corporate officers responsible for the revocation of Emerald Casino Inc.’s gaming license owe the bankrupt company $272 million in damages, a federal judge ruled Tuesday. — Today's free read
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  • Trial Notebook

    In a 1988 case where negligent driving by a pregnant woman allegedly injured her fetus, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that “a fetus, subsequently born alive,” is not permitted to sue “its mother for the unintentional infliction of prenatal injuries.” Stallman v. Youngquist, 125 Ill.2d 267 (1988).
  • Ask Snap-D

    Dear Snap-D, We are toying around with the idea of having fewer than 10 people in our 30-person firm responsible for business generation. The others will focus primarily on billing. Have you seen such a business model? What are your thoughts?
  • Global IP

    At the end of betting in Monte Carlo casinos, the croupiers announce, “Les jeux sont faits. Rien ne vas plus.” Gamblers remain transfixed as they wait for the white ball to drop into a numbered slot of the roulette wheel.
  • Modern Family

    October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The Ray Rice scandal, which has permeated the media for weeks, reminds us that domestic violence occurs at all economic and social levels.
  • Criminal Procedure

    Where I live, getting a ticket for rolling a stop sign will cost you $150. For the upper-middle class, this is an irritation. But for someone from the working class, this is a real hardship.
  • This Day in Legal History

    See if you know what happened on This Day in Legal History with Karen Conti.
  • Federal Courts

    Today’s 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals case addresses the duties of an excess insurer in the wake of a multimillion-dollar verdict against law enforcement officials.
    Sporting Judgment
  • ATLANTA — While the NFL was rightfully being hammered over turning a blind eye to domestic violence, the NBA got a bit of a pass on its latest brouhaha. No longer.
  • Juris Endurance

    High fiber foods take longer to digest and hold more water, which is why they fill you up and aid weight loss.
  • NEW YORK — The National Football League’s internal security apparatus would be the envy of many American police departments. Yet for all that muscle, the league has insisted for weeks that it was unable to obtain security camera footage showing Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his then-fiancee in an elevator at a New Jersey casino.
  • Non-Billable Hours
  • Michael’s Supermarketing

    Over the past few years, I’ve gained a lot of visibility from my marketing efforts. Other attorneys often ask me about my marketing, so I decided to share some of my thoughts on the topic.
  • Out of the OffIce

    Starting a Saturday or Sunday morning with a relaxing brunch is one of my favorite weekend activities. While there are a number of places I go regularly, I always like to try a new spot.
  • This three-ingredient, six-hour dish from Amy Aebersold features pork — and root beer.
  • The Final Draught

    It’s probably the most frequently asked question asked about Oktoberfest: “Why is it called Oktoberfest if it’s in September?” As Oktoberfest beers hit the shelves and Oktoberfest parties are held at breweries and pubs across the city, it’s an excellent jumping-off point for exploring both the festival and the brew that bears its name.
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