John Maher
John Maher

Name: John Maher

Age: 51

Party: Democratic

Current residence: Chicago

Current position: Deputy supervisor, Complex Homicide and Gang Unit-Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Past legal experience: Criminal prosecutor, 22 years; private practice, 2 years

Campaign funds available, July 1 to Dec. 31: No report filed with the Illinois State Board of Elections.

Campaign funds spent, July 1 to Dec. 31: No report filed with the Illinois State Board of Elections

Law school: The John Marshall Law School, 1993

Campaign website:

Family: Single

Hobbies/interests: Reading, exercise and travel.

Have you ever run for office before? Yes, I ran for judge in 2008, in the 10th Subcircuit.

Why should voters support your candidacy?

I have 24 years of litigation experience. I am well-versed in the law and have handled complex cases of every nature in criminal law. I have the support of many friends in the defense bar because I am fair and honest.

Why do you want to be a judge?

I am drawn to the teaching component of the job. I believe that I would set a good example for younger attorneys while serving the people of Cook County.

What was the most interesting case you handled as a lawyer?

The most interesting case I’ve ever handled was also my most recent, the first RICO prosecution in Cook County. The trial ended in November 2017 with guilty verdicts against all six defendants, the leadership of the Black Souls street gang. The trial lasted eleven weeks, included one hundred and two witnesses and testimony regarding six different homicides. It was gratifying to receive the guilty verdicts given the violent nature of the Black Souls and the length of time they afflicted the west side of Chicago.

What would you consider your greatest career accomplishment?

I am most proud of the work I did on the prosecution of the individuals who attacked an Irish exchange student and her friend with a baseball bat in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood. The case was largely circumstantial. Circumstantial cases are interesting to try but can present great challenges. I hold the victims in that case in high regard and became close with them, as well as their families.

What qualities do you plan to bring to the bench?

I am an experienced attorney and have always conducted myself in an honest and forthright manner. I enjoy learning and staying up to date on changes in the law. I conduct myself ethically and with the goals of discovering the truth and seeking justice. I am patient, thoughtful, considerate and know that these qualities will serve me well on the bench.