Erica Bernstein
Berger Schatz
Family law

Erica Bernstein, an attorney at Chicago’s preeminent family law firm, Berger Schatz, provides an unmatched level of service to her clients. Fellow attorneys and judges describe Bernstein as diligently prepared, notably articulate, and a prowess in the courtroom.

Her colleagues note that she has an unwavering ability to remain concise, committed, and level-headed during emotional conversations - characteristics that can be attributed to much of her success.

"Erica has an uncanny ability to diffuse heated conversations between lawyers by reminding everyone that it's OK to be passionate, but the legal battles are not about the lawyers. It's about the litigants," Shawn Bersson, senior partner with Chicago's Katz & Stefani, LLC said. "She is extremely diligent and has a keen eye for finding hidden gems in discovery."

This diligence and understanding are key factors that have led her to success in the most complex of cases. She works tirelessly to discover even the smallest of details that can transform cases. For example, in one hotly contested case she uncovered several unauthorized transfers in her client’s account. This evidence was crucial in helping support her client’s case and land a just result.  

“These results are not rare for Bernstein. She is so well-organized and passionate about earning the best results for her clients,” Berrson said.

Those who work with Bernstein are not surprised by these results. A sitting Judge, who she frequently appears in front of, noted that she approaches even the most complex cases with a level of thoughtfulness beyond her years.

The Judge pointed to a child-support case that involved many years of income analysis, she presented her discoveries in a clear and concise manner. “Through the use of demonstrative exhibits and testimony, she skillfully and directly brought information to the forefront that may have otherwise been lost in thousands of pages of documents," the Judge said. "It is apparent she cares about her clients who are experiencing a difficult time."

In addition to building a thriving family law practice at a young age, Bernstein has served as the Co-Chair of the Chicago Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Section Family Law Committee for the past four terms, organizing CLE’s and other programs that educate and give back to the law community. With Bernstein serving as co-chair, in the summer of 2022, the Family Law Committee received the David C. Hilliard Award for Outstanding Committee Service. She also served as a legislative liaison for the Chicago Bar Association, representing and voting on behalf of the Young Lawyers Section Family Law Committee for proposed changes to all practices of law.