Alexis Crawford Douglas
K&L Gates LLP
Intellectual property

Alexis Crawford Douglas has mastered the juggling act: She is a skilled lawyer who has built a strong intellectual property practice, maintaining a book of business that would be the envy of lawyers with far more years in the business. She passionately serves her clients, devoting long hours to crafting solutions that meet their needs. And she finds time to mentor younger lawyers and contribute to both her profession and community. 

And Douglas has done this while serving as a trademark counsel to brands in a wide range of industries, including those focused on pharmaceutical and medical industries. This can be a complex area of the law, but Douglas has already shown a mastery of it. 

Douglas also routinely assists her clients with removing infringing content from third-party websites and social media and has earned numerous successful transfers of domain names from cyber squatters. 

As Margaux Nair, IP counsel with Mars Wrigley, says, Douglas has already set herself apart in the competitive world of IP law. 

"Alexis exercises excellent judgment and is very responsive to client needs," Nair said. "She is one of the few attorneys I regularly recommend to others when needing to handle sensitive or complex intellectual property matters as she can be relied upon to provide clear, accurate and timely advice.”

One highlight of Douglas' career? Helping a mother and her child stay in the United States and avoid a dire fate in her home country. As part of her pro bono asylum practice through volunteering with National Immigrant Justice Center, Douglas has been instrumental in helping vulnerable applicants obtain asylum.

Outside the courtroom, Douglas is a leader with the Chicago Bar Association, where has led some of the largest and most important projects for the organization. She has served as a member of the association's Executive Leadership team for the YLS, in leadership positions in connection with the association’s Women’s History Month programming, been elected to the Board of Managers and most recently appointed to the CBA's 150th anniversary celebration planning committee.

"Over the years, I have watched Alexis evolve from an intelligent and promising young lawyer to one of the CBA’s strongest ambassadors," said Jennifer Byrne, director of continuing legal education for the Chicago Bar Association. "Her commitment to the organized bar is exemplary and she stands out as one of our most promising future leaders."

Tina Pompey, assistant general counsel with The Walt Disney Company, said that Douglas has the uncanny knack to quickly understand her clients' needs and the legal skills to find solutions that meet them. 

"Alexis has always had a wonderful enthusiasm for the practice of IP law," Pompey said. "She is curious, thoughtful and hard-working. I admired how she was able to secure a position at a large global law firm straight out of law school. Over the years, I have seen her thrive and grow in her role at the firm."