Matthew Elster
Beermann LLP
Family law and civil appeals

Respect. It's what Matthew Elster, a family law attorney with Chicago law firm Beermann, has earned from both his clients and fellow attorneys. 

Elster is passionately devoted to his clients, logging long hours to help them reach the best resolutions. Like all skilled family law specialists, Elster understands that emotions run high in this field and that his clients are working through challenging situations. Trust is important, and Elster earns it by being honest with his clients, explaining the law to them clearly and fighting for them relentlessly. 

His fellow attorneys respect Elster, too, saying that no one is better prepared, boasts a deeper understanding of family law or works harder than this young attorney. 

"Matt is the ultimate straight shooter," said Chicago attorney Myra Foutris. "I'm always glad when I see his name on an appearance filed in one of my appeals because I know that the briefs he'll file will be well-written, appropriate and reasonable." 

Count Chicago attorney Grace Rohan as another legal veteran who appreciates Elster's talents. She and Elster were once co-workers, and the two currently have cases together. Rohan trusts Elster enough that she routinely refers him appeal work. 

Rohan says that she has seen Elster argue complex legal positions with ease. He also boasts strong writing skills, something proven by his carefully written appellate briefs.

"Matt is exceptionally smart," Rohan said. "He retains a wide knowledge of case law and is the go-to person for me for questions when I am unfamiliar with a pleading or practice area within family law.”

Chicago attorney Jessica Boike says that Elster has that rare ability to outline an appellate brief and highlight the main issues of a case within minutes. How does he do this? Boike points to the depth and breadth of Elster's knowledge of family law. 

And when he's not earning superior results for his clients, Elster finds time to mentor younger attorneys. 

"He is always lending a helping hand to his colleagues at his firm, outside of his firm and within his community," Boike said. "He is always willing to share his knowledge and insight and brainstorm creative solutions and arguments, when applicable."

Even while building his practice, Elster has served his profession and community. He has taken on multiple leadership roles with the Appellate Lawyers Association, including a stint on the association's board of directors, and currently serves as a committee chair for Cases Pending.

Jennifer Enloe, partner at Schiller DuCanto & Fleck, said that Elster's success is no surprise. She worked with Elster at Beermann for five years and saw just how respected he was at the firm. 

"Matt was identified early on by the firm's senior members as an attorney who possessed wisdom and skills beyond his years," Enloe said. "Matt was often staffed on complex and heavily litigated cases where he added tremendous skill, hard work and was an integral part of a case's success. Matt has often been the unsung hero integral to the success of high-profile cases."