Alex Loftus
Loftus & Eisenberg, Ltd.
Commercial, investment recovery, class action

Alex Loftus' professionalism and deep understanding of business law have served him well during the most contentious cases he's tackled. Loftus has leveraged his ability to defuse tensions and focus both sides on issues that matter with a practice utilizing a mixture of flat fees and contingencies, ensuring efficient legal representation for the firm’s clients. 

Consider John Lynch, an attorney with Cremer Law who worked on a series of cases involving alleged trade-secret violations, with many claims and cross claims pending multiple forums between unyielding parties, “Alex's professionalism and deep understanding of both the facts and the law applicable to these cases allowed us to have very open conversations regarding the costs and benefits of continued litigation," Lynch said. "We resolved all the pending cases during the course of a single mediation. This is a testament to the fact that Alex is wise beyond his years and places his client's interests before his own."

This explains how Loftus has so quickly built a reputation as a top commercial litigator. 

Consider this young attorney's exceptional trial results: 

Loftus won a trial for a salesman who was stripped of approximately $800,000 in commissions. The trial was bifurcated liability and damages and settled after the liability portion for $2,6000,000. The defendants final offer before trial was $10,000.

He earned a $1.4 million trial verdict for his client in a Cook County breach of a contract to loan $20,000.

Loftus also won a jury verdict of $860,000 in the Northern District of California in a promissory estoppel and unfair business practices act claim. The defendants' final offer before trial was only $70,000.

While maintaining a very busy traditional business trial practice, Loftus’s greatest successes come in complex multi-plaintiff and class litigation by simultaneously employing multiple procedural tools to achieve large aggregate results. Loftus approaches problems creatively with an innate ability to accumulate a significant volume of clients to utilize in his byzantine plans of attack.

Loftus successfully represented nearly forty franchisees who each suffered approximately $500,000 in damage in individual arbitrations to achieve seven figure settlements for the group against related parties. Loftus filed seven arbitration claims, three lawsuits, and two class action suits related to the harms caused that  yielded a large recovery for his clients collectively.

Judge James Epstein, who has mediated several of Loftus’ multi-plaintiff actions, observed, “He has been extremely well prepared on the facts and the law and has been tenacious in representing his clients' interests.”

Loftus represented 450 victims of a $200 million Ponzi scheme in a series of actions including multi-million-dollar settlements for claims alleging legal malpractice, accounting malpractice, and negligence. Again, Loftus hit the defendants from all angles in multiple states, litigated directly with defendants’ insurers, and resolved the cases employing complex bankruptcy procedures to maximize recovery for his clients.

"Alex has fully committed himself and his firm to full-scale commercial litigation without hesitation to take cases to trial," said mediator and arbitrator Michael Panter. "I don't think there are many small firms dedicated to trying commercial cases as he does. Because he will take cases on contingent fees, he provides legal access to people who cannot afford to hire lawyers. I think this is noteworthy."