Jonathan Treshansky
Taxman Pollock Murray and Bekkerman
Plaintiff personal injury

Jonathan Treshansky is known for passionately fighting for his clients. And he earns the trust of these clients by approaching each of them with honesty and integrity. 

Results matter, too, of course, especially in the competitive specialty of plaintiffs personal injury. Fortunately, Treshansky shines there, too, routinely earning significant victories for his clients. 

One example? Lindsay Grass with the Department of Homeland Security points to one case in particular. In it, Treshansky earned a verdict of more than $1 million for his client in a challenging medical malpractice lawsuit. 

As Grass says, Treshansky worked this case “from the bones up to success.”

Results like these aren’t unusual for this young attorney.

David Hickey with Whitson-Owen & Olsen recently opposed Treshansky in a personal injury case that eventually settled in mediation. Hickey said that Treshansky positioned the case for resolution quickly and effectively, which benefitted both his and Hickey’s clients. 

“Ever since I met Jon it was clear that he takes great pride in his work and representing his clients,” Hickey said. “I regularly see the results he gets on cases he takes to trial or settles. I read that he went to trial on behalf of a 90-plus-year-old client, resulting in a record verdict, which was no surprise to me knowing how much pride and dedication Jon puts into his work.”

Meiko Ogura, shareholder with Johnson & Bell, has faced off in the courtroom against Treshansky, too. And she, too, has come away impressed with his ability to quickly identify the best strategies for his clients and craft creative ways to earn winning results. 

“Jon was extremely diligent on the case we had together,” Ogura said. “Because of his hard work, he crafted a strategy early on, developed and honed it throughout the litigation and received a successful verdict at trial. Jon is intelligent, diligent and persistent. With these qualities, he serves his clients well.”

Treshansky has compiled a long list of successful results for his clients, including a  $3.0 million dollar settlement for a client who sustained a significant leg laceration and fractured wrist from a porch collapse; a $1.8 million dollar settlement for a client who sustained a fractured arm after falling off a piece of exercise equipment at a gym; a $1.6 million settlement for a client who fell on ice outside of her chiropractor’s office, fracturing her ankle and subsequently developing Complex Regional Pain Syndrome; a 1.365 million dollar verdict on behalf of a 98 year old woman in a medical malpractice case, and a $1.5 million settlement for the estate of a 74-year-old woman who was killed in a semi-tractor collision. Treshansky also earned a settlement of $1.1 million shortly before trial for a client involved in a low-speed, low-impact auto collision. 

“I find Jonathan’s skills, professionalism, honestly and, importantly, ethics to be exemplary,” said Julie Busch, trial lawyer and shareholder with Johnson and Bell. “He handles himself to that of a long-standing, well-qualified attorney who handles every instance in litigation with class and respect for the other side. I respect him highly, mainly for the fairness and ethics he exudes against his opposing counsel. He is incredibly skilled in the courtroom, depositions and hearings and represents his clients to the highest level.”