Seth E. Darmstadter
K & L Gates, LLP
Commercial litigation

At age 34, Seth Eli Darmstadter has already established himself as a noteworthy commercial litigator.

Darmstadter is a Partner in the litigation practice group at Meckler Bulger Tilson Marick & Pearson LLP (MBT). He focuses his practice on complex commercial and employment litigation. Darmstadter has extensive trial and litigation experience, and has successfully tried both bench and jury trials in state and federal courts. Members of the Bench and bar are quick to praise Darmstadter and admire his body of work.

An Appellate Court of Illinois Justice said “Seth probably has as much experience handling injunctive proceedings as any other young lawyer in Chicago.  He has developed a reputation in the legal community, among lawyers and judges, as someone who understands the nuanced world of injunctive relief, both at the trial and appellate levels.”  Seth’s clients agreed with the Justice’s  statement.

For example, Mark Pullman, Esq.  worked closely with Darmstadter on a day-to-day basis for over a year while Pullman was CEO of Chicago Aviation Partners.

“Seth continues to provide valuable legal advice on a variety of fronts to most of my business concerns,” Pullman said. “I can say, without equivocation, that Seth is an invaluable advisor and close friend.” Pullman said many times he has been shocked by Darmstadter’s ability to break down complex matters with ease.

“When an issue arises that compels a phone call to Seth, I look forward to making the call,” Pullman said. 

Mark McNabola, principal at the McNabola Law group recently worked with Seth on a case and echoed Pullman’s thoughts, “Due to Seth’s skilled legal work in the dispositive motion phase of the case, and his crafty negotiation skills, we ultimately secured a seven-figure settlement for our mutual client.”

Fosca White, Esq., Director of the Montessori Academy of Chicago, who has retained Seth as the school’s outside counsel wrote, “My job is to protect my students, and I do that with ease because I know that Seth is protecting me.”

Morgan F. Murphy, III, general counsel for Thorek Memorial Hospital, met Darmstadter through a mutual friend. The two often speak about law issues related to their practice.

“Seth’s demeanor and professionalism are superior to attorneys his age,” Murphy said. “

David Schaffer, an attorney in the Dispute Resolution Services and Corporate Litigation group at Allstate Insurance Company, formerly worked with Darmstadter at MBT,

where Darmstadter was the senior associate assigned to supervise Schaffer’s work.

“Working with Seth was eye-opening for me. Seth was not just a supervisor, but a mentor,” Schaffer said. “He took sincere interest in my growth and success as an attorney.

“One of the lessons I learned from Seth was client management,” Schaffer said. “Seth taught me that there is more to being someone’s lawyer than answering their substantive legal questions; he taught me to be a trusted advisor.”

Judge James F. Henry, Ret., another of Seth’s nominators stated that “Seth’s hard work and dedication to his craft is relentless. … Perhaps he has found that 25th hour in the day that the rest of us are searching for; that would explain his ability to create such measurable separation from his peers.”

If his work at the office is not enough, Darmstadter regularly publishes articles in Chicago Lawyer and The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.  He volunteers by coaching students and judging mock trials for Chicago-Kent’s Trial Team. He is a member of the CBA’s College of Trial Advocacy and is a member of the Commercial Litigation Committee of the CBA, where he recently gave a CLE presentation on injunctive relief.  Outside the law, Seth recently was appointed to the Advisory Board of the Juvenile Protective Association’s Richard H. Calica Center for Innovation in Children and Family Services.

Former Cook County State’s Attorney, Richard A. Devine, who works with Seth at MBT sums it up best,  “Above All, Seth respects the law and the legal profession. … I have searched to find a fault or two so as to avoid having this letter be nothing but plaudits, but all I can come up with is that he is a Cubs fan, a problem shared by many.”