Jennifer Irmen
Blair Caravelli & Irmen Law
Personal injury

In a short amount of time, Jennifer P. Irmen boasts a list of successful settlement and trial results on both sides of the bar that would please even the most experienced attorneys.

As the lead attorney for countless jury trials, mediations and arbitrations, Jennifer has an impressive winning record, including 33 not guilty verdicts in her clients’ favor as a defense attorney.

As a plaintiff’s attorney for the past three years, Jennifer solely secured $5,039,500 in verdicts and settlements in matters for which she acted as first chair. Irmen, 35, represents injured victims at Blair Caravelli Irmen Law, LLC and is an adjunct law professor for the nationally acclaimed legal writing program at The John Marshall Law School, which was ranked second in the nation this year. She is a 2004 graduate of The John Marshall Law School.

Irmen began her career on the defense side of the bar. After almost eight years as a defense attorney, she switched to the plaintiffs side at the legendary plaintiffs firm Anesi Ozmon Rodin Novak & Kohen. Marc A. Taxman, one of the firm’s managing partners, said Irmen was a lead attorney on a wide range of complex personal injury matters involving construction negligence, nursing home negligence, medical malpractice, wrongful death, premises liability, auto liability, and employment discrimination.

“Jennifer is an outstanding trial lawyer and truly passionate about the results that she obtains for our clients. She cares about her clients and creates a bond of trust with them.” Taxman said. “Irmen’s preparation and courtroom presence is impeccable. I have seen her drop everything to try a case either on her own or with a partner with very little notice. Although some attorneys are hesitant to try difficult cases, Jennifer treats those cases as a challenge. She would rather win a difficult case than an easy one – she is a true trial lawyer. Jennifer is known for her meticulous handling of her cases and has gained the respect of the members of our firm, the judges who preside over her cases, opposing counsel and her peers in the legal community.” Taxman said.

Other members of the plaintiffs trial bar agreed, Matthew M. Rundio, a partner at the Cavanaugh Law Group, has had cases with Irmen numerous times. He said even though Irmen has always vigorously defended her clients, she did so in a respectful and professional manner. “Ms. Irmen transitioned from the defense bar to the plaintiff’s bar approximately three years ago,” Rundio said. “From experience, I know this transition can be difficult and challenging, but Ms. Irmen gracefully transitioned to the plaintiffs bar and has enjoyed great success representing plaintiffs in injury cases.”

Irmen’s commitment to the profession goes beyond her practice. She serves as Treasurer of the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois and as Third Vice President of The John Marshall Alumni Association. She also serves as a Director of the Young Lawyer’s Section of the Chicago Bar Association. She was awarded with the Advocate for Diversity Award from the Diversity Foundation as well as named a SuperLawyer Rising Star and Top Woman Attorney in Illinois for the second consecutive year, this year.

Deane B. Brown, a senior partner at Beermann, Pritikin, Mirabelli, Swerdlove LLP and past President of the WBAI, had this to say about Irmen “What truly sets Jennifer apart from the other leaders within the WBAI is her ability to nurture relationships with not only her colleagues but law students and young attorneys.”

Daniel Cotter, current President of the Chicago Bar Association, said “Jennifer brings a passion and dedication to her work and energizes and mobilizes many in all that she does. Jennifer is involved in a number of organizations, but she is not just a joiner – she is a ‘roll up the sleeves’ type of leader and her natural leadership skills and dedication are recognized by the various organizations - each place her in positions of strong leadership.”