Mathew T. Siporin
Pullano Law offices
Personal injury

Mathew Todd Siporin stands up and fights for people and their families.

Siporin, 33, focuses his law practice on personal injury, wrongful death, truck accidents, and construction accidents at the Law Offices of Richard L. Pullano, P.C. He consistently proven to be a winner, and earned the respect of many of his peers.

Timothy Cavanagh, of Cavanagh Law Group, said since Siporin graduated magna cum laude from DePaul University, he has consistently secured substantial settlements for his clients.

“These include a record-breaking $14 million trucking case and $7.5 million medical malpractice case,” Cavanagh said. “He also secured an $800,000 settlement for an injured Chicago bicyclist.”

Cavanagh said Siporin’s first jury trial resulted in yet another record-breaking settlement for the family of a 90-year-old woman in a wrongful death case.

“After the trial, he launched into filing additional action against the insurance brokers that denied the defendants’ coverage,” Cavanaugh said.

 Cavanaugh, added Siporin also successfully represented a woman that was hit by police during a high-speed chase and deposed more than 20 police officers in the matter in order to uncover facts that the police failed to disclose. 

Stuart N. Rappaport, of Lindsay, Rappaport & Postel, LLC, serves as opposing counsel in a personal injury case against Siporin. The case has been pending for about three years, and is expected to go to trial within the next year and noted that Siporin’s lawyering skills are exceptional.  “I was particularly impressed at his ability to respond to, and defeat, our motion for summary judgment, “ Rapport added.Timothy Travers, of Tenney & Bentley, LLC, met Siporin when they were adversaries in an arbitration claim filed by Siporin.

“Although I have only had one case with Mat, I was impressed with his litigation skills, especially his deposition of my medical expert, and his integrity,” Travers said.

Robert C. Samko, of the Law Offices of Robert C. Samko, has known Siporin for nearly a decade, and has watched him mature and grow into an outstanding attorney.

“Mr. Siporin is especially diligent and thorough in the investigation, preparation and presentation of his cases. He has been able to obtain very good results for clients that had preexisting conditions in the area they suffered new injuries,” Samko said.

Matthew Rundio, of the Cavanagh Law Group, said he often talks to Siporin about legal issues.

 “In our discussions, Mr. Siporin has demonstrated a thorough knowledge and handle on law and has offered creative solutions to challenging issues,” he said.

Kevin Durkin, of Clifford Law Offices, P.C., said Siporin has a terrific demeanor in court.

“He is very confident in speaking to judges and other counsel. He comes to court prepared,” Durkin said. “Besides that, he has an exceptional legal mind. I have discussed cases with him that we have been working on together on several occasions and he is very bright.”

In law school, Siporin volunteered his time at The Chicago Legal Clinic, a provider of legal services to the working poor and disadvantages in the Chicago area.  After graduating law school, Siporin remained involved with the clinic and currently sits as the President of its Auxiliary Board, which raises goodwill, awareness and funds for the Chicago Legal Clinic.  Siporin is an active member of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, the Illinois State Bar Association, the American Association for Justice, and the Illinois State Bar Association. Siporin spoke for the Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education on “Deposing Parties and Professionals” and “Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Claims from Inception to Resolution.” Siporin has published numerous articles on these topics as well. He also spoke on “The Line between Zealous Advocacy and Bad Faith Argument” and “The Rules of Evidence and Treating Physician Testimony” for the Illinois Trial Lawyers Seminar.