Michael S. Strauss
Schlesinger & Strauss, LLC
Family law

Attorney Michael Strauss is a stand-out family law attorney.

Strauss, 37, is a family law attorney and partner at Schlesinger & Strauss, LLC in Libertyville, Illinois.

Strauss, who graduated from the University of Illinois College of Law in 2004, has substantial court experience in Lake and Cook Counties. He has participated in all facets of family law work.  Strauss is frequently appointed in Law County as a Guardian Ad Litem, Child Representative or mediator.

Robert Ackley, of the Law offices of Robert Ackley, has known Strauss for nine years and had this to say about Strauss, “ I have come to know Michael as a hard-working, bright and articulate attorney.” Ackley continued, “the family law judges trust Michael’s professionalism, skills and training when appointing him in high conflict, contentious divorce cases involving children.”

Strauss’s opponents agree with Ackley’s assessment.

For example, Attorney Jason Adess, of Berger Schatz, has worked as opposing counsel to Strauss and on a tough case which involved Strauss as a Guardian Ad Litem. He called him well-rounded, skilled, and respected.

“I have been consistently impressed with Michael’s knowledge of the law, practicality and problem solving abilities. His skills and maturity belie his age,” Adess said. “He serves his clients exceptionally.”

Attorney Kendrick L. Scott, of The Law Offices of White, Scott and White, has worked closely with Strauss on several family law cases, and called him an ethical and formidable adversary.

Keith Brin, Clerk of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court, said Strauss has never failed to impress him with his professionalism, outlook and abilities.  “Michael is universally respected, even by those who have practiced for decades. Brin said.

Brin said Strauss is good at accomplishing difficult tasks and overcoming obstacles.

“Michael has never failed to bring a successful attitude to the table whenever called upon to face difficult challenges in our court system, and he’s always willing to be part of solving issues that require leadership and tough decisions.” 

For example Strauss had a client in a motorcycle accident and was in a coma.  His chances of recovery were slim.  Strauss got an emergency hearing to appoint a guardian for his client other then his wife. The court argued with Strauss, who told the judge that he had done all that he could to save his client's life, and if the judge wouldn't sign the order then the death would be on the judge's hands. The judge signed it.  His client lived and made a full recovery.  Attorney Nick Richardson happened to be in court that day and was amazed what Strauss accomplished.

Attorney Raymond Massucci, of Massucci, Blomquist & Anderson, met Strauss when he was an associate of Gary Schlesinger. “He is an outstanding young attorney with an excellent reputation in Lake County. His experience and ability to practice in our area of law is superior to those of his age and experience,” Massucci said.

Fredric Bryan Lesser, of Lesser Lutrey & McGlynn LLP, called Strauss a tireless worker.

“Mike is a regular at the court house,” Lesser said. “He well appreciates that we lawyers need to be zealous advocates for our clients in the courtroom, and that we should be civil and friendly when we are off the clock.”  Strauss takes the same ‘all in’ approach to his professional involvement outside of the courtroom and his family.

Lesser sums it up best, “Being a good family man helps Michael to understand the travails of his clients as they go through marital restructuring,” Lesser said. “I know that he listens with an open ear and an open heart.”

While not in the office, Strauss is also a presenter at the Lake County Bar Association Family Law Seminar and the Student-Alumni Career Conference at the University of Illinois College of Law. Strauss acts as co-editor of the LCBA’s monthly publication, The Docket. Strauss represents the legal community on the state level as a member of the Illinois State Bar Association Assembly. He has been appointed by the president of the ISBA to the Family Law and Child Law Section Councils.