Andrew M. Engle
Davis Friedman
Family law

Andrew Engle is the person you want on your side if you are involved in any family law issue. He’s a skilled negotiator and a strong presence in the courtroom. But his most essential skill might be his uncanny ability to ease the stress that his clients are often suffering as they work through divorces, prenuptial agreements, property division and child custody issues.

It is this skill – an ability to make his clients feel at ease – that has helped this partner at Chicago’s Davis Friedman build a thriving family law practice at such a young age.

“Andy has the ability to reason with the most irrational and can become a pit bull in the courtroom when necessary,” said Lindsey Markus with Chicago’s Chuhak & Tecson. “Beyond his courtroom skills, his personal skills stand head and shoulders above others. Andy has a warm bedside manner and an amazing ability to help his clients feel at ease in the most difficult of times.”

Karen Shields, a retired judge and self-employed mediator with JAMS Arbitration, Mediation and ADR Services has seen this ability firsthand. Engle represented a client who was in mediation with Shields last year. The biggest challenge in the case? Two very conflicted parties stood at either end of the dispute.

Engle’s job was made even more difficult because the opposing counsel was demanding and rude, Shields said. But Engle remained calm while working with this client, taking the time to carefully explain the law to him, Shields said. Engle urged his client toward what ended up being a successful resolution.

“All the while, Andy took a totally professional approach to the case,” Shields said.“It was hard work, and he did it beautifully.”

Others praise Engle for his ability to guide clients toward the best possible solution. The key, said Jody Meyer Yazici, with Chicago’s Grund & Leavitt, is that while a family might be changed after a divorce, Engle works hard to make sure that a family can still function after a marriage ends.

This means that Engle often manages a case to achieve the right result instead of one that might bring him a bigger payday.

“He is exceptional at determining what the clients want to achieve and helping them through the difficult divorce process,” Yazici said. “He treats each of his clients as individuals, and strives to meet their individual needs. Clients really appreciate the respect and personal attention that he gives them in a process that often feels overwhelming to the litigants.”

Brian Blitz, with Chicago’s Berger Schatz, calls Engle a “dynamo” when it comes to settling cases.This is important. A settlement is often the best possible result of a family law matter, one that allows families to avoid a lengthy and often painful court battle.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to guide clients toward a settlement. Engle has mastered this skill, and this is one of the reasons why he ranks as one of the top family law practitioners in the city.

“He has an uncanny ability to diffuse high-strung clients and opposing lawyers and make them see that acting calmly and rationally is a benefit to both parties involved,” Blitz said. “He is great at spotting issues and thinking of creative ways to keep either party from harm.”

Engle is a fierce advocate in the representation of his clients’ best interests, whether through contested litigation or creative settlement.