Timothy D. Kincaid
Winston & Strawn LLP
Corporate law

Timothy Kincaid knows all about balance. His fellow attorneys say that Tim, whose practice focuses on private equity transactions and mergers and acquisitions with the Chicago office of Winston & Strawn LLP, already boasts that special balance of practical problem-solving skills and technically sound legal counsel.

This is a balance that most lawyers don’t achieve until far later in their careers. That Tim’s peers say he has managed it at the young age of 34 speaks volumes about this attorney’s legal skills.

“Tim represents the best of Winston & Strawn,” said Oscar David, Co-Chair of the Firm’s M&A and Securities Practice.“He is an outstanding substantive attorney who is always prepared for each transaction. He combines an unmitigated work ethic with a strong ability to connect with clients and even opposing counsel and their clients. He is tough when he needs to be, but always brings a sense of calm about him that inspires others and often disarms the other side. His sense of loyalty is unparalleled. In short, clients simply want Tim on their side for their most sophisticated matters.”

“Tim continually exhibits a special combination of legal excellence, personality and hard work,” said one nominator. “Tim is a great technical attorney.In addition,even when working toward a tight deadline, he remains calm, even-tempered and in high spirits. I think Tim’s positive attitude and personable nature adds another level of value in the working relationship.”

Justin Norman, with Addison, Illinois-based company, JD Norman Industries, is no stranger to Tim’s talents. Tim has represented the company in three recent acquisitions, one in Canada, a second in England and a third in Mexico.

Norman said that this last acquisition was an especially complicated one. Acquisitions in Mexico tend to be challenging, and this transaction was even more so because of the involvement of a bankrupt U.S. parent company. This, though, didn’t slow Tim.

“Tim was very impressive in his ability to understand the complexities of Mexico’s acquisition laws, work with Mexican attorneys from the various constituencies and work through the bankruptcy laws in the United States,” Norman said. “The common theme amongst Tim’s representation of our company during these acquisitions was a grasp of the issues, a calmness in his demeanor and an ability to lead others.”

Tim’s clients say that he always provides top service, and has a knack for resolving issues to the benefit of the companies he represents.This is why he’s developed such a long list of strong client relationships during his relatively short career.

Derek Linde, with Glenview, Illinois-based Illinois Tool Works Inc., said that Tim displays an impressive set of skills while representing his clients.“I have developed a great deal of respect for Tim during our relationship, in particular for his dedication to helping his clients achieve exceptional results, his practical approach to problem-solving and his exceptional relationship and communication skills,” Linde said.

Count Heidi Miller with Morningstar, Inc. as another satisfied client. Miller has worked with Tim since 2009, when the young attorney closed his first transaction for Morningstar. Most recently, Tim represented the company in the acquisition of a data-aggregation company. Miller said that the acquisition was an important one for Morningstar, and Tim’s skills in connecting with the parties involved in the deal, including opposing counsel, were a key factor in Morningstar’s ability to close the transaction.

“What sets Tim apart is his ability to provide sound, reasoned counsel in high-pressure situations and under tight timelines,” Miller said. “He always maintains a positive attitude, which makes him very easy to work with even during tense times of a transaction.”