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Dedicated. That’s the word that Diana Law’s colleagues use most often when describing this young elder law counselor.

Law, a partner with the Aurora law firm of Law ElderLaw, has earned the respect of her peers, her clients and her community. This isn’t surprising. Law knows the ins and outs of elder law. Just as importantly, she is intensely dedicated to her clients, working long hours to help them resolve their most difficult elder law issues.

“Many of Diana’s clients come to her in ‘crisis mode’,” said Kerry Peck, with Chicago’s Peck Ritchey, LLC. “Diana is able to calmly and effectively resolve their issues time and again. She manages to develop a caring and warm relationship with her clients while at the same time maintaining a high degree of professionalism. Diana is personable, charismatic and a very ethical attorney.”

She is busy. Not only is Law a partner of Law ElderLaw, she has been appointed by the Governor as Public Guardian and Administrator for Kane County, Illinois. In this role, Law serves as a voice for the senior community. Law wasted no time in making the changes necessary to improve the service provided by the Kane County Public Guardian’s office. She quickly as- sembled a team of attorneys and paralegals to work on the office’s most complicated and time-consuming cases. In her first year alone, Law and her team recovered more than $400,000 for 23 wards.

Colleen Boraca, clinical assistant professor and director with the Northern Illinois University College of Law Health Advo- cacy Clinic, said that Law deserves praise, too, for her work in important policy matters.

When Illinois enacted the Federal Deficit Reduction Act, the proposed rules by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services made it overly difficult for seniors to obtain public benefits for nursing home Medicaid assistance. Law, along with other elder law attorneys, formed the Task Force for Se- nior Fairness and spent long hours speaking with and research- ing for the Joint Commission on Administrative Rules. She in- vested substantial time drafting proposals for new rules.

In the end, thanks largely to their efforts, new rules were passed that were fair to seniors and protected the state from individu- als seeking to abuse the system, Boraca said.

“Ms. Law recognizes that representing elderly clients and those with diminished capacity is complicated and necessitates pa- tience and understanding,” Boraca said. “What sets Ms. Law apart is the personal attention and care she provides to her cli- ents and wards. She advocates to not only preserve and protect their rights, but also to let them know that she cares.”

Because Law is so respected by her fellow attorneys, she was elected president of the 1,300 member Kane County Bar Asso- ciation for the 2011-2012 term. She was the youngest president to serve the association.

Patrick Kinnally, with Aurora’s Kinnally Flaherty Krentz Loran Hodge & Masur, said that few attorneys demonstrate such a commitment to their clients.

“Diana is very devoted to doing what is right for her clients, even if it denotes taking a hard line against the government,” Kinnally said. “She has echoed a strong voice for our senior citizens.”