Genevieve M. LeFevour
Johnson & Bell, Ltd
General litigation

Genevieve LeFevour made partner at the Chicago law firm of Johnson & Bell, Ltd. at the young age of 32.

That’s an impressive accomplishment. But those who have worked against and alongside LeFevour say that it’s not a surprising one for this young attorney: She has already earned a reputation as one of the most talented medical malpractice, healthcare and employment law specialists in Chicago.

Count Peter Hoste, with the Chicago law firm of Leahy & Hoste, LLC, as one who was not at all shocked by LeFevour’s rapid ascension at Johnson & Bell.

“Gen continues to be a tough litigator and a kind and thoughtful person,” Hoste said. “Those are qualities that are sure to take her very far. Both her clients and her partners at Johnson & Bell are very lucky to have her.”

Denise Perry, assistant general counsel with Exelon Corporation, points to a recent trial in Cook County as an example of LeFevour’s legal talents.The plaintiff closed his case in the late afternoon in the second week of trial. That same evening, LeFevour drafted a Motion for Directed Verdict that she presented to the court the next day.

The plaintiff’s attorney requested time to research a response to the motion.This request was granted by the court. Arguments were made the next day, and LeFevour and her legal team prevailed:The court granted the Motion for Directed Verdict.

“The motion contained solid legal arguments and was supported by volumes of trial testimony,” Perry said.“The quick turnaround and success of this dispositive motion was a great win for our client.”

Hoste points to another example of LeFevour’s abilities. He and LeFevour opposed each other in a medical malpractice case involving a young plaintiff who was born with a congenital anomaly and had suffered devastating complications from a surgical procedure as a newborn. LeFevour and her colleagues at Johnson & Bell represented the defendant hospital in the case.

Hoste said that LeFevour was able to see the case from the perspective of both the plaintiff and the defendant. She also understood the medical issues involved,no small task considering the tens of thousands of pages of medical records and the depositions of dozens of physicians, nurses and therapists.

Thanks in large part to LeFevour’s work, the parties were able to reach an amicable settlement.

“Throughout five years of litigation, Gen again demonstrated why I have so much respect for her,” Hoste said.

Juan Gaytan, president and chief executive officer of Chicago’s Monterrey Security Consultants, also has high praise for LeFevour. He’s one of her loyal clients, and he ranks her as one of the top attorneys with whom he has ever worked.

“Genevieve is smart and strategic in her approach to risk management,” Gaytan said. “She continually offers me wise counsel and advice so I can manage risk as our firm has grown and won new business.”

Nominators say that LeFevour puts in the same amount of effort in her community service as she does in the courtroom. She is a busy volunteer with Catholic Charities and the American Ireland Fund.