J. Alex Jacobson
Berger Schatz
Family law

J. Alex Jacobson made an impression at the Chicago law firm of Berger Schatz early in her legal career. In 2004, the family law specialist worked as a summer associate at the firm. Her work ethic, knowledge and legal ability impressed the leaders at Berger Schatz enough that they offered her a full-time position.

Jacobson accepted and began working at the firm on a full-time basis in 2005. She hasn’t disappointed since.

P. Andre Katz, with the Chicago law firm of Katz & Stefani, says that he isn’t surprised Jacobson secured her full-time position. Jacobson worked for him during that summer internship. It didn’t take Katz long to discover just how talented Jacobson was.

“Alex is a very fine lawyer,” Katz said. “She has consistently demonstrated a high level of thoughtfulness and problem-solving abilities, always focusing on the best interests of the clients and the children.”

Katz and his partner formed Katz & Stefani in 2008. Since then, Katz has often faced Jacobson as his opposing counsel on family law cases.

Even as opposition counsel, Katz said, Jacobson has continued to impress.

“Her client-management skills in this very high-conflict, emotionally charged area of the law are excellent,” Katz said.

What sets Jacobson apart from her peers? Her nominators point to Jacobson’s ability to not only earn the best possible resolutions for her clients, but for her talent at “staying above the fray.” Family law cases can easily turn hostile and counterproductive. But Jacobson has a knack for bringing opposing parties together to help forge the best solutions for her clients.

“Alex is the type of lawyer to whom you would refer a family member. That really says it all,” said Howard Rosenberg, a Northbrook attorney who has worked with Jacobson on several cases. “She is sharp, timely, well-versed in the law and has, in her relatively short career, been extremely successful.”

Rosenberg said that Jacobson has earned a reputation for securing unusually good results for her clients. The reason for these positive results? Rosenberg said that Jacobson is able to empathize with the positions of her opponents while still arguing zealously for the best interests of her clients.

In addition to building a successful practice, Jacobson has found the time to give back to her community. She has since 2010 sat on the board of directors of Friends of Prentice, the fundraising arm for Northwestern Memorial Women’s Hospital. She also volunteers for Ronald McDonald House, having run on the RMH marathon team 2014, 2015 and 2016.

“Early on, it was clear that Ms. Jacobson would grow into a star litigator. We are at that point,” said one nominator. “She is a tremendous advocate for her clients. Working in a highly charged area with very emotional parties, she remains cool and effective. Not only does she present and argue their cases to the highest level, it is clear that she has gained their trust and respect.”