Joshua Liebman
Novack and Macey LLP
Commercial litigation

Joshua Liebman hasn’t yet reached the age of 40. But that hasn’t kept him from stringing together an impressive series of favorable results for his clients.

This commercial litigation attorney with Chicago’s Novack & Macey LLP, for example, recently defended a client against an emergency motion for temporary restraining order (TRO) seeking an order requiring the client to place more than $3 million in escrow. Thanks in large part to Liebman’s arguments, the TRO motion failed.

Liebman shone, too, in a trademark-infringement and cybersquatting lawsuit filed in federal court. In this case, after Liebman filed a complaint and motion for TRO, the defendant completely capitulated and agreed to the relief requested in Liebman’s motion.

Liebman also recently earned an overwhelming victory for his defendant in a five-day arbitration hearing in which the plaintiff sought to recover more than $9 million.

These are strong victories. The fact that they all occurred within just a few months’ time, makes them even more impressive.

Those who have followed Liebman’s career, though, are not surprised by these recent successes.

“Josh is a diligent, thorough and talented attorney,” said Elizabeth Davis with Chicago’s Burke, Warren, MacKay & Serritella, P.C.. “Josh’s dogged and unrelenting advocacy has resulted in several big wins in court.”

Liebman, though, hasn’t just succeeded in the courtroom. He has also earned several successful out-of-court settlements to resolve disputes favorably for his clients.

As an example, Liebman helped a client -- in what his peers call an almost indefensible spot -- negotiate a favorable deal that allowed the client to purchase his partner’s share of a business and resolve breach-of-fiduciary duty claims made against him by the former partner.

Liebman also helped a client close a real estate transaction with a hostile counter-party by drafting a complaint against that counter-party that never even had to be filed.

“I have seen firsthand how Josh gives his clients as much time and energy as their cases require,” said Jay Lewis, corporate counsel with On A Roll Trucking in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. “And, through the many conversations that Josh and I have had throughout the years, it is clear that he cares about his clients and takes their problems on as his own. In the end, it is this character trait that separates him from other lawyers.”

The leaders at Novack and Macey also have recognized Liebman’s talents.

When Liebman started his career at Novack and Macey he typically assisted partners by performing legal research, drafting pleadings and motions and overseeing discovery. Today, he serves as first or second chair on cases, sometimes handling them largely on his own. And in doing so, he routinely earns top results for his clients.

“He has gained recognition as a leader within his law firm, and is respected by his colleagues,” said Robert Zimelis with Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg in Chicago. “His clients also perceive how strong Josh is as an attorney. They request that he handle their matters in many situations.”

Liebman is active, too, in his community. He is Chair of the CBA Committee on Attorney Malpractice. He served on the board of directors and as a member of the finance committee for the Jewish Council for Youth Services, and was also a member of the JCC’s Champ Chi Alumni Committee, which helped raise money to provide scholarships for underprivileged children to attend overnight summer camp.