Shera D. Wiegler
Swanson, Martin & Bell, LLP

How successful has Shera Wiegler been in the field of medical malpractice defense? During her young career, Wiegler has tried eight medical malpractice cases. She, along with her colleagues, secured not-guilty verdicts in all of them.

This speaks to what Wiegler’s peers say is her uncanny ability to identify those times in which it makes sense to go to trial and when settling is the better option for her clients.

And if Wiegler proceeds to trial? She never provides her clients with less than expert representation.

“Her attention to detail and commanding knowledge of case facts are apparent at every deposition and unquestionably serve her clients well,” said Chicago attorney Greg Ignoffo.

Retired judge Michael Panter, too, has nothing but praise for Wiegler’s work. Now that Panter has retired from the bench, he says he is no longer shy about mentioning that Wiegler is one of his favorite attorneys.

“When judges see Shera approaching, they give a little sigh of relief,” Panter said. “Everything is going to be all right. The case is under control. There aren’t going to be any histrionics. There aren’t going to be any unpleasant surprises. No one in the case is going to launch into a tirade. It’s not going to be a challenge for the judge.”

What sets Wiegler apart from other attorneys? Her peers say that Wiegler is always thoroughly prepared for her cases. Defending complex medical cases is no easy task. Attorneys who succeed in this field research their cases extensively, study medical issues and work long hours on behalf of their clients.

Wiegler does all this and more, according to her fellow attorneys.

Tammera Banasek with Chicago’s Hay & Oldenburg says that she often calls on Wiegler for her knowledge and expertise in the medical malpractice field.

“I have personally observed Shera’s skills and her decisive and determined manner at deposition and trial defending her client,” Banasek said. “She is always well-versed on each of the medical and legal issues involved with any matter she is handling.”

Robert Bingle with Chicago’s Corboy & Demetrio has worked with Wiegler the last two years in connection with his plaintiff’s claim against a hospital. He says that he respects this young attorney as a formidable opponent, but has also grown to appreciate her meticulous preparation, precise and in-depth legal acumen and her ability to remain civil even while aggressively defending her clients.

“I have observed few lawyers in my 33 years of practice who have a more refined and thorough competency in the law combined with an absolute civil approach to this practice,” Bingle said.

Outside the courtroom, Wiegler is co-chair of her firm’s Medical Negligence and Healthcare Practice Group. Philanthropy is also a priority for Wiegler, and she makes time to give back to her profession and community. She is co-chair of her firm’s Investing in Justice Campaign on behalf of the Chicago Bar Foundation. She is also serves on the Board of Directors for Snow City Arts, an organization that uses the arts to inspire and educate children in Chicagoland hospitals. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Snow City Arts, a nonprofit organization that educates and inspires children in hospitals through the arts.