Ashly Boesche
Pattishall, McAuliffe, Newbury, Hilliard & Geraldson LLP
Intellectual Property

Ashly Boesche maintains one of the most successful trademark practices in Chicago. She represents recognized brand name clients as Nike, Medline Industries, the American Medical Association and Illinois Tool Works, as well as mid-market and emerging companies and entrepreneurs in registration, federal litigation and other enforcement matters.

She appreciates both the business and legal elements involved in brand protection. Boesche's style and personality, ranging from her friendly temperament to candid counselor to being a relentless advocate, builds a trusting relationship with her clients.

As one client mentioned, she demonstrates "a true ability to connect with people…a diplomatic fun personality." A former opposing counsel commented "her ability to build bridges with her adversaries speaks to her character."

Samuel Franklin, President-Elect of the American College of Trial Lawyers, has seen up-close just how skilled Boesche is. In 2009, the College learned of infringing use of its name and domain names. The dispute escalated into contentious federal trademark litigation. Boesche served as one of the lead attorneys, responsible for the day-to-day management of the case. And the result? The case settled with an extremely favorable resolution for the College.

“I witnessed Ashly’s hard work, diligence and professionalism,” Franklin said. “Ashly handled discovery and depositions, some of which lasted into the middle of the night, and negotiations with the adverse party.”

Boesche has proven invaluable, too, to Owens Corning, protecting its famous color pink trademark registration.

Kristen Knecht Downer, in-house counsel with Nike, met Boesche when she was still a law clerk at Pattishall. Downer said that Boesche had earned a reputation for being incredibly smart and hard-working.

Downer was new to the practice of law at the time. Boesche, she said, didn’t hesitate to offer her time and experience as Downer learned the basics of the business.

“Whether on a shared case or as a fresh set of eyes, Ashly routinely took time to argue through case strategies with me and our colleagues. I knew her door was always open, and that she would offer her help whole-heartedly. And because she didn’t always agree, it made her opinion all the more valuable.”

Boesche didn’t take long to impress her peers at Pattishall. Boesche caught the attention of the firm’s leaders from her earliest days at the firm, back in 1999, when she worked as a junior secretary.

Boesche displayed a talent for managing unwieldy document productions and complex exhibits, and for conducting difficult investigations. It didn’t take long for Boesche to earn a promotion to project assistant, where she became an invaluable team member on several high-stakes cases.

While working full-time at the firm, Boesche began taking night classes at Chicago-Kent College of Law. After her first year of classes, Pattishall promoted her again, this time to the position of law clerk and litigation specialist.

Boesche handled both her studies and her work duties with equal skill. When she graduated from Chicago-Kent, her peers inducted her into the school’s Bar and Gavel Honor Society, an honor reserved for students who have provided outstanding service to the law school, community and legal profession.

At Pattishall, Boesche kept impressing. In 2007, she became an associate there. Then, in 2014, she was elected a partner at the firm.

Boesche has earned nearly 20 honors and professional awards, including in 2016 when the Intellectual Property Law Society of Chicago-Kent College of Law honored her with its Distinguished Alumna Award.

“Ashly’s energy and enthusiasm are always apparent, and many of our aspiring young attorneys have benefitted from her advice and encouragement,” said Harold Krent, Dean at Chicago-Kent.