Jamie R. Fisher
Grund & Leavitt, P.C.
Family law, domestic relations

Licensed in both Illinois and Florida, Jamie Fisher’s practice is dedicated exclusively to the area of family law. She counsels clients on a variety of complex domestic relations issues to include prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, divorce, paternity, custody, visitation, spousal and child support and interstate and international jurisdictional disputes. Ms. Fisher has been involved in a number of significant trials and appeals to include cases involving the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, which determines the state or country in which a custody dispute will be heard.

Matrimonial law requires an in-depth knowledge of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act. But attorneys who succeed in this field must also be well-versed in contract, tort, property, chancery, tax and probate law as well as accounting. Jamie has mastered all these facets of the law. Her clients know this. It is why they’ve never hesitated to recommend others to her, something that has helped Jamie steadily build her practice.

“Jamie’s drive, commitment to her clients and knowledge of the law make her the perfect person to be recognized as one of the outstanding 40 Under 40 young lawyers,” said Judge Pamela Loza with the Circuit Court of Cook County. “She is as honest as the day is long, and her word is her bond. Additionally, she has really dedicated herself to knowing ‘the law’.”

Loza’s comments are echoed by those of Judge Naomi Schuster with the Circuit Court of Cook County’s Domestic Relations Division. Schuster refers to Fisher as one of the “best and brightest” young attorneys in the division.

“Without exception, Ms. Fisher is prepared on each occasion she appears before me on a case,” Schuster said. “She is a strong and forceful voice for her clients. At the same time, Ms. Fisher displays a cordial and collegial approach with opposing attorneys. She clearly displays exceptional lawyering skill that all lawyers should seek to achieve.”

Her peers say that Jamie has the uncanny ability to quickly recognize the most important issues in a case and then craft solutions to them, solutions that give her clients the best possible results.

This ability, along with her combination of compassion, dedication and commitment to her clients, has helped Jamie build a thriving family law career, before she’s even hit her 40th birthday.

Gloria Block, an attorney with Chicago’s Hoffenberg & Block, has witnessed Jamie’s talents in the courtroom firsthand. She, like all who observe this young attorney, came away impressed.

“Jamie demonstrated even as a ‘new’ lawyer, her ability to be compassionate but yet a fierce advocate for her client,” Block said. “Her preparation for meetings, depositions and trial indicated her gift as an insightful attorney.”

Like the best attorneys, Jamie constantly works to improve her legal skills. She studies in her field, reviews relevant cases and puts in the long hours necessary to fine-tune her craft.

“Jamie has developed her lawyering skills over the years that I have known her,” Block said. “Her ability to recognize issues and efficiently resolve same either through argument before the court or a practical resolution or settlement is beyond others of her age.”

In addition to building a busy family law career, Jamie finds time to volunteer within and outside her profession. She is a fellow and the treasurer of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers’ Illinois Chapter. Jamie volunteers in Chicago-Kent College of Law’s Women in Law Mentor Program mentoring law students with interest in family law. She also participates in Kent’s Student Connections Week. She is the co-chair of Year Up Chicago’s auxiliary board and has been a mentor to students through that organization. Jamie is also a volunteer tutor at Metro Achievement Center for Girls.