Jared Pinkus
Beermann Pritikin Mirabelli Swerdlove LLP
Family law

Jared Pinkus clearly has impressive legal skills. It’s partly why this attorney with Chicago’s Beermann Pritikin Mirabelli Swerdlove has built such a strong family law practice during his relatively short career.

But Pinkus has another skill that serves him particularly well in family law: He has the perfect demeanor for this area of law.

Ryan Schultz with the Chicago firm of Fox Swibel Levin & Carroll says that Pinkus has a way to defusing the most emotion of situations. And that is a much-needed skill in family law.

“Jared practices in an area of law that is full of emotion,” Schultz said. “The legal aspects are only part of the challenge. Jared has a great ability to keep everyone focused on the issues that matter and to keep the emotions that can drive up cost out of the matters he handles.”

David Levy, with the Chicago law firm of Berger Schatz, points to one case that illustrates this ability, an extremely difficult custody and asset division matter.

Levy’s firm represented the husband, while Pinkus represented the wife. Levy said that Pinkus achieved an outstanding agreement for his client in this particular case.

“Jared achieved truly remarkable results in obtaining equal division of parenting time for his client, reduced the amount of child support his client was paying and gained an advantageous division of the marital estate,” Levy said. “In my opinion, he far exceeded the results that would have been achieved if the case had gone to trial.”

Karen Shields with JAMS, a provider of alternative dispute resolution services, cited another case when illustrating Pinkus’ unique ability to work with all of his clients, no matter how difficult they might be. In this case, Pinkus represents a client who has been very difficult to deal with, Shields said. But this hasn’t thrown Pinkus.

“Most lawyers would have withdrawn long ago, but Jared feels a responsibility to his client,” she said. “He not only continues to represent his client, but he empathizes with her, explains carefully to her and helps her navigate, making the case run smoother for everyone and giving her the best representation.”

Pinkus earns praise, too, for understanding that in family law, sometimes a resolution by agreement is the best option for his clients.

“At the end of the day, the attorneys walk away, but the parties have to still communicate with one another,” said P. Lynn Wypych with Rosenberg Wypych. “Jared is wise enough to see that and conscientious enough to ensure his clients understand that, too.”

Pinkus’ peers have noticed this combination of legal talent, dedication to his clients and professional approach in the courtroom. Beermann made him a partner in the firm, not an easy accomplishment.