Dartesia Pitts
Cook County Board of review
Corporate compliance, public finance, employment, real estate, civil rights

Many knew that Dartesia Pitts was a leader when she boldy started her own law practice twelve years ago straight out of law school. Now, as the President of the Cook County Bar Association and a nationally syndicated TV legal analyst, this real estate attorney continues to use her leadership, rainmaking and deal closing skills to demonstrate that there are many paths to become a success in the practice of law.

Why do so many want to hear what Pitts has to say about the law? It’s because through her practice and service to the legal community Pitts has built a reputation for being an innovative, committed and talented attorney in the Chicago area.

She got her TV start by serving as a host for Cook County Bar’s hotline show and eventually the local access TV’s political forum show where she serves as a board member. Now, she is a frequent guest legal analyst on several syndicated TV crime shows and she has multiple appearances to her credit as a legal expert on FOX TV.

Pitts practical skills combined with her ability to network and close the deal have created opportunities that continue to advance her within the profession. This ability transitioned her into a position from sole practitioner to Senior Associate at Greene and Letts managing the firm’s transactional relationships. While there, in one of her biggest deals, Pitts served as co-bond counsel for a $550 million bond issuance by a municipal agency. Pitts also represented Fortune 100 clients in contract, premises liability and other complex cases, always working to provide these clients with the best possible resolutions.

Eileen Letts, partner of Zuber Lawler & Del Duca LLP, states that “Dartesia is a lawyer that I have seen grow and develop into a very talented, outgoing, creative and diligent attorney. She is someone I can count on to get things done and done well. I admire her positive attitude and ability to communicate with everyone.”

“Dartesia has excellent communication and networking skills demonstrated by the number of people who recognize her and use her as a resource,” said Wiley Adams, corporate counsel with Prudential Capital Group. “She is resourceful and great with client development. She has excellent people management skills and is an adept conflict resolver. She is a skillful and creative negotiator.”

Pitts’ peers say they are not surprised that so many big-name clients choose this young attorney to represent them. Pitts has the perfect combination of talent and perseverance.

Pitts is committed, too, to her profession, something her peers recognize. She is currently the President of the Cook County Bar Association.

Urie Clark, with the Circuit Court of Cook County noted that Pitts, while building a thriving legal career, found time to provide a boost to the Cook County Bar Association through her service.

Clark who is also President-elect: “Dartesia is by far the most resourceful person I know, whether young or old, lawyer or lay person. If there is a dispute, she resolves it. If a solution has to be found, she finds it. She knows how to seek and find answers to any situation.”

Kenya Jenkins-Wright, General Counsel for the Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission states “I have known Dartesia since law school. I have always been impressed by her dedication to the legal community and the community at large”

“Dartesia is a young influencer and leader with a wealth of knowledge who is an excellent value add to our team,” states Commissioner Larry R. Rogers, Jr.