Andrew Torre
Vedder Price
Commercial real estate transactions

Susan Lifvendahl knows just how talented real estate specialist Andy Torre is. Lifvendahl, Associate General Counsel for Brunswick Corporation, says that this attorney with Chicago’s Vedder Price P.C. has become a trusted ally of the company as it purchases and disposes of new real estate.

The commercial real estate transactions that Brunswick takes on aren’t simple ones. But Andy has a knack for making them seem easier than they are.

For example, Andy recently handled all the legal work in connection with the relocation of Brunswick’s corporate headquarters, as well as Brunswick’s disposition of more than $20 million worth of commercial and manufacturing real estate assets.

Andy has also handled the legal issues involved in Brunswick’s acquisition of commercial real estate and many of the leases the company has signed for office and warehouse properties.

“Andy has delivered exceptional results every time,” Lifvendahl said. “Andy has become a trusted advisor throughout our organization.”

What sets Andy apart from other commercial real estate specialists? Andy’s clients point to his in-depth knowledge of various aspects of commercial real estate transactions, his willingness to work long hours, his devotion to his clients, and his ability to hammer out results that inevitably benefit his clients.

“He has excellent negotiation, communication and drafting skills that are equally matched by his efficiency, practicality, responsiveness and good business judgment,” Lifvendahl said. “In addition, he is personable, articulate and respectful. He works across the aisle to amicably drive results. He is also extremely ethical and trustworthy.”

Peers say that Andy fully commits to every client and to every assignment, to achieve the best results for his clients. Andy never cuts corners, regardless of the size of the real estate transaction, and he provides clients closing these smaller deals with the same service he gives those taking on much larger transactions.

This has helped Andy build a client base that is loyal to him.

“No matter the size of the deal, he always treats the clients with the utmost professionalism while providing a cost-effective and efficient work product,” Lifvendahl said. “Andy has a unique ability to cut through the nonsense and get to the issue, and then to resolve it as best he can given the circumstances.”

When he’s not helping his clients, Andy volunteers his time to his firm and his profession. He is co-chair of Vedder Price’s real estate group and chair of its summer associate committee. He is also a member of Vedder Price’s hiring committee and diversity committee.

Andy is especially committed to increasing the diversity in his profession, and is the co-founder of Vedder Price’s Vedder Diverse, an initiative that supports and promotes Vedder Price’s recruitment, retention and advancement of diverse attorneys. Andy is also a mentor to Hispanic law students at the University of Chicago Law School. Through the Latino Law Students Association at the Law School, Andy has counseled numerous Hispanic law students throughout the years and continues to be a resource to them even after they have entered the legal profession.

Ted O’Connor, General Counsel to media companies Engine US East and ORC International, affiliates of the media company Engine Group, said that Andy’s success comes as little surprise to him.

“As in-house counsel, I seek assistance from outside counsel who are smart, personable and have good judgment,” O’Connor said. “Most important, however, is that I seek outside counsel that I can trust to put their clients’ needs first. It is readily apparent to me that Andy’s primary objective at all times is to provide excellent legal representation to his clients, and he has consistently met that high standard.”