Tracy A. Brammeier
Clifford Law Offices P.C.
Personal injury

It has not taken much time for Tracy Brammeier of Clifford Law Offices to be noticed for the work she has done on some big cases. She’s already obtained several multimillion-dollar results in her career, including a $35 million settlement after seven days of trial for a young woman struck and dragged by a truck.

More recently, Brammeier was the primary handling attorney at her firm on a case involving the sinking of a boat in Lake Michigan which resulted in the deaths of three adults in their late twenties. The action was concurrently pending in both state and federal courts under admiralty jurisdiction and presented several complex civil procedural issues, which Tracy was instrumental in helping the plaintiffs navigate successfully. Co-counsel found her indispensable during the investigation of the event and questioning of numerous witnesses in depositions. The case settled in June 2018 for $27.9 million.

Robert J. Cooney Jr. of Cooney & Conway wrote that “Tracy is an exceptional, bright lawyer who has a remarkable big-picture view of complex litigation.” He continued, “Tracy is highly regarded by her peers as a standout litigator who can always be counted on for great judgment and the ability to thoughtfully persuade others of her position.”

Kenneth A. Hoffman of Mitchell Hoffman and Wolf represented the sole surviving boater in the case. “Tracy possesses a great ability to recognize crucial legal issues and develop the supporting factual bases to support her client’s position,” he wrote. “This skill was evident while the plaintiffs in the boat case described above were battling with the insurance company of the boat owner during the limitation of liability action filed in federal court. Tracy’s insight lead to the defeat of the limitation action and a full recovery against that defendant in the action.”

Joseph P. DiPino of Beverly Pause has worked with Brammeier on trucking litigation and bicycle accident cases. “Ms. Brammeier possess legal abilities far beyond her years,” he wrote. “She has exceptional insight into complex legal issues and has professional demeanor usually seen in attorneys well into their fifties. She is smart and unflappable.”

Outside of her practice, Brammeier is an active member of The Chicago Bar Association, serving on the board of the CBA’s Young Lawyers Section and on the Judicial Evaluation Committee. She is a member of the board of managers of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association.