Jennifer Danish
Bryant Legal Group P.C.
Disability claims and litigation

What sets Jennifer Danish apart from her peers? There is her legal knowledge, of course. Danish is a true expert in disability claims and litigation. There’s also her willingness to work long hours and the skills she displays in the courtroom. But Danish's peers say what truly makes her such a rising star in her field is the commitment to her clients.

“What distinguishes Jennifer is her passionate and genuine desire to help our clients through the difficult maze of federal and private disability claims,” said Chicago attorney James E. Tyrrell of Ross Tyyrell Ltd. “These are not glamorous nor particularly lucrative cases. These matters often involve interpretations and applications of mundane and tedious statutes and policies on behalf of clients who are usually in lower socioeconomic levels. These individuals are desperately in need of a lifeline, which Jennifer and her firm will provide.”

Thomas K. Prindable, a Chicago attorney with Cogan & Power P.C., worked with Danish on a False Claims Act case involving Medicare fraud in the operation of physical-therapy clinics in nursing homes. Prindable said the case was aggressively contested by some of the top defense firms in the city, but Danish prevailed. Prindable said Danish created spreadsheets that carefully documented the fraudulent physical therapy sessions given to patients, including those in wheelchairs. Danish also prepared appropriate responsive pleadings to motions for summary judgment and other disruptive motions.

“Because much of Jennifer's legal work is resolving Social Security disability benefits, she does not have many ‘headlines,’” Prindable said. “But she achieves excellent results for her clients who need the support of the disability benefits.”

Arnold G. Rubin, with Chicago's Rubin Law Group, said Danish achieves top results because she works so hard at her craft. No one outworks her, and she understands the way Social Security law works and the best path to take for her clients, Rubin said.

“The exceptional lawyering skills that I note with Jennifer include her understanding of the relationship between Social Security disability claims and the workers’ compensation claims,” Rubin said. “She has an outstanding understanding as to how Medicare set-aside accounts are relevant in workers’ compensation claims. Jennifer’s analysis is second to none.”

Danish finds time to volunteer for both her profession and her community. She is the Social Security Law Committee chair of The Chicago Bar Association, chair-elect of the American Bar Association Health and Disability Law Committee and chair-elect of the Social Security Section of the American Association of Justice. She is a volunteer for the Illinois Lawyers’ Assistance Program.

Danish has also written and presented a variety of topics related to Social Security law, the Employee Retirement Income Retirement Act and Medicare issues.