Christina E. Lutz
Levenfeld Pearlstein LLC
Appeals, commercial, condominium, real estate, probate, employment litigation

Christina Lutz, a partner at Levenfeld Pearlstein, isn’t afraid to take on tough tasks.

Consider a case she recently led. Lutz drafted and won an interlocutory appeal, reversing the trial court’s ruling on the question of whether a contract that was terminable upon “mutual agreement of the parties” was actually perpetual, rendering that clause unenforceable under Illinois law.

Lutz didn’t stop there. After the case was remanded, she went on to win the case on summary judgment, saving the client $4 million in potential exposure.

Her peers have noticed these success stories.

“She has a knack for cutting to the heart of the case and knowing what is most persuasive,” said one nominator. “Christina also never minces words, and her frank assessments are usually spot-on.”

Opposing Counsel are quick to compliment Lutz, too.

“Christina is a zealous advocate for her clients,” said one nominator who opposed Lutz in a case. “Christina provides creative and intelligent solutions, and advocates for the best result for the client, not just a win in court. Despite zealous advocacy, Christina is a cordial opponent and maintains good decorum and respect for opposing counsel and the judicial process.”

Lutz’s success is no surprise to Georgia Logothetis of the Hellenic American Leadership Council, and a former colleague of Lutz.

“For as long as I’ve known Christina, she’s demonstrated the type of grit that has set her apart from her peers,” Logothetis said.

What is the secret to Lutz’s success? Much can be credited to her ability to connect with and understand her clients and their goals. Unlike many litigators who regard a win as simply beating the other side, no matter what the time or cost, Lutz helps clients identify and prioritize their goals to understand what a true "win" is for them.

This allows Lutz to better craft the right strategy, with greater client involvement throughout the representation and satisfaction at its conclusion.

Lutz is also technically gifted. She has a true mastery of the rules of civil litigation and local practices and procedures. This is a mastery that has served her extraordinarily well when matched up against opposing counsel who lack her knowledge.

Outside of her busy practice, Lutz is heavily involved with several diversity initiatives both internally at Levenfeld Pearlstein with its Women’s Committee, and externally with the Black Women’s Lawyer Association. In addition, she volunteers with the Pajama Program and her alma mater, Swarthmore College.