Colleen Mixan Mikaitis
Levin & Perconti
Plaintiffs’ personal injury and wrongful death

Colleen Mixan Mikaitis shines when it matters most. Just ask the veteran attorneys who have opposed her in personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Consider the work Mixan Mikaitis turned in regarding an attempted suicide by a new patient at a mental health hospital. Both the hospital and the outside cleaning company, whose supplies the plaintiff ingested, faced a cause of action. While the suicide was unsuccessful, the plaintiff suffered extremely disabling injuries requiring lifelong care, including a permanent gastrostomy tube.

Larry Schechtman, managing partner at Smith Amundsen, opposed Mixan Mikaitis when she took over all work on behalf of the plaintiff in this case. To say he was impressed with the young attorney’s work would be an understatement.

“Colleen exhibited professionalism and confidence far beyond her years of experience in what proved to be a very tough and complicated case,” Schechtman said.

Mixan Mikaitis, thanks in large part to her discovery strategies, earned a seven-figure verdict on behalf of her client.

“Without Colleen’s hard work and ingenuity, this case could have resulted in the defendant's obtaining summary judgment,” Schechtman said. “This result was achieved due to the hard work and excellent lawyering exhibited by Colleen.”

Mixan Mikaitis has earned the praise of several of her peers. Greg Snyder of Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP, is a good example, one who praises Mixan Mikaitis for how hard she fights for her clients.

“She is one of the most detailed-oriented and perceptive lawyers I have encountered in my entire career,” Snyder said.

While Mixan Mikaitis is only 32, she has already earned several notable results for her clients including a $3.5 million medical malpractice settlement. She also secured a $325,000 settlement on behalf of a 97-year resident of a nursing home who suffered a broken leg without any documentation of a fall.

One Judge, who presided over Mixan Mikaitis during the trial in which this young attorney first took over the duties of first chair, was struck by her preparation and ability.

“Her talents and efforts resulted in a verdict in her client’s favor,” the nominator said. “Colleen continued to keep her composure and wits about her throughout every stage of the proceedings. This was especially apparent while she argued the more highly contested and challenging issues.”

Another Circuit Court judge Mixan Mikaitis appeared before added, “Ms. Mikaitis appeared in front of me on a complex pre-trial conference regarding a hospital fall and medical negligence. She exhibited her knowledge of the law and her preparedness and a fierce advocacy for and recognition of her duties to her client in obtaining the best result possible.”

Outside of her practice, Mixan Mikaitis is involved with the Women’s Bar Association and the mother McAuley Law Society