Mark Premo-Hopkins
Kirkland & Ellis
Business disputes, breach of contract, trade secrets, antitrust claims

Mark Premo-Hopkins has a long list of legal victories to his credit, with wins for both plaintiffs and defendants across a wide range of business disputes. And at just 36 years old, it’s certain that this trial lawyer will only add to the list as his career moves on.

What drives his success? Premo-Hopkins' clients and peers point to his trial skills and preparation, his unique experience as a plaintiff’s lawyer, and his ability to quickly and fully understand his client’s legal and business objectives.

“I have been incredibly impressed by Mark’s ability to quickly understand our business, provide guidance and help us navigate through a stressful antitrust lawsuit,” said Deitzah Raby, associate general counsel with Hill-Rom. a leading provider of medical technologies and maker of hospital beds, “Mark is incredibly intelligent, but he does not have an ego. I have been impressed by how quickly he has been able to build a rapport with my internal business colleagues.”

Having spent four years as a plaintiff's lawyer before returning to Kirkland & Ellis as a litigation partner gives Premo-Hopkins special insight. Deborah Rasin, Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer with Hill-Rom says, "he has a deep understanding of the way the 'other side' . Hill-Rom added, “Mark is incredibly intelligent, but he does not have an ego -- which, in my book, makes him unique.”

In terms of trial successes, Premo-Hopkins recently represented Baxter International, a Fortune 500 healthcare company, in a breach-of-contract suit over dialysis supplies. He succeeded in reducing Baxter's exposure by 97 percent at summary judgment and won the dismissal of treble damages claims. When the other side pressed on, Sarah Padgitt, Senior Counsel with Baxter, worked closely with Premo-Hopkins at the trial where he took the lead in cross-examining key witnesses and experts. He also prepared and presented a key expert witness for Baxter. "During Mark's blistering cross exams, he got the other side's experts to concede major points in our favor," Padgitt said. "At the trial, there were twice as many attorneys on the other side against us. But Mark and the Kirkland team out-lawyered, out-argued and out-shined the other attorneys, hands down."

Padgitt also worked with Premo-Hopkins in Baxter’s trial of a major product liability case. "Mark knew the case inside and out," Padgitt said, noting that thanks in large part to Premo-Hopkins' work, Baxter earned a favorable jury verdict, which paved the way for the company to successfully resolve the rest of the litigation.

Working for AbbVie, a global pharmaceutical manufacturer, Premo-Hopkins won a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against a former employee who secretly joined a competing pharmaceutical company. After a week-long evidentiary hearing, the court granted AbbVie's requested preliminary injunction in full, one that barred the defendant's employment at the competitor.