Gianna Scatchell
Law Offices of Gianna Scatchell and Run the Call
Technology, data security and privacy, internet defamation

Gianna Scatchell is not only a leader in the fields of Internet defamation, data security and privacy law, she's also a thriving entrepreneur, the founder of Run the Call, an online platform that helps attorneys find court coverage from qualified legal professionals.

This is quite an accomplishment, and all before turning 35. But those who know Scatchell aren't surprised: This young attorney is known for her drive, passion and commitment to technology law.

It's little surprise to her peers that Scatchell has not only built a thriving technology practice but also a busy online business.

"Great entrepreneurs do not let circumstances define them," said Adam Codilis with Burr Ridge, Illinois-based Codilis & Associates. "They view what most would consider challenges instead to be opportunities to incite positive change. Often times, that means shaking things up a bit."

And that's what Scatchell has done. She pursued her two passions, law and technology, and made them the base of her law practice. Today, she concentrates on intellectual property, Internet law and privacy matters.

Codilis said that Scatchell accurately predicted a major rise in the number of Internet defamation and cyber-bullying cases. That came true. But what Scatchell didn't predict was how much of her business would come not from clients directly but indirectly from attorneys who didn't know much about these areas of law.

When these attorneys needed expert help, they turned to Scatchell.

"This was an untapped market where big firms deep with traditional talent and experience came to utilize Gianna's services as a valued partner," Codilis said.

Scatchell realized that another of her passions was working with other attorneys, showing them that embracing technology was critical for their success. This eventually led to Run the Call, the online platform that Scatchell founded to help attorneys schedule qualified legal professionals for court coverage work.

Of course, Scatchell wouldn't be considered a top expert in Internet cases if she didn't have a record of success. She has this. An example? She successfully sued nine anonymous defendants in an Internet defamation case, without the use of any associates or additional help.

The case centered on a young girl who became the victim of vicious cyber-bullying on Twitter and other social media channels. Scatchell was passionate about the case, and eventually uncovered the idenitities of the parties responsible for the bullying.

Scatchell also took on a big technology company and its team of lawyers. Despite the odds, she secured a sizable settlement offer in six weeks.

"I remember thinking to myself, 'This thing is going to drag on for at least a year," Codilis said. "Somehow, Gia was able to identify a data breach that put the technology company on its heels such that they filed an insurance claim that ultimately led to settlement."