Asha Spencer
Bartlit Beck Herman Palenchar & Scott LLP
Complex corporate litigation, including patent litigation and product liability defense

There’s a reason why Asha Spencer ranks as one of the most in-demand corporate litigation specialists in the Chicago area: She gets results.

During her relatively young legal career, Spencer has delivered a series of successful verdicts and settlements in high-profile cases. And this record, along with her dedication and compassion, has earned Spencer a long list of loyal clients.

Count Georg Kirsch, senior patent litigation counsel with Bayer Intellectual Property GmbH, as one. Kirsch worked with Spencer during a recent case in which the attorney served as trial counsel for Bayer. In this case, Bayer won a bench trial, successfully defeating the defendant's attempt to invalidate the company's patent. The Bayer team then successfully defended the verdict on appeal.

Spencer joined this case at its beginning, drafting the original complaint. She also served as case manager on the team, overseeing the daily business of Bayer's legal defense. Spencer also took responsibility for three of Bayer's four expert witnesses, including the company's chief liability expert and its damages expert.

"Asha is just superb," Kirsch said. "She has a very strong combination of book smarts, common sense, good judgment, personality and poise. She is extremely efficient. Nothing falls between the cracks. She keeps priorities properly ordered. She never panics. And she never identifies a problem without proposing a solution."

Scott Ewing of Trinity Industries, Inc. who has worked Spencer said, “Asha is a brilliant legal strategist. She is the consummate professional and is extraordinarily passionate about client service. Her zealous preparedness has delivered incredible value to the company on multiple matters.”

Paul Skiermont, a partner with the law firm of Skiermont Derby, also worked closely with Spencer. He, too, praises her legal skills and knowledge.

Spencer served as trial counsel with Skiermont Derby in the case LoggerHead v. Sears. Spencer helped Skiermont Derby obtain a jury verdict of willful infringement. Spencer played a key role at trial, focusing primarily on the damages side of the case but also handling several pre-trial motions and evidentiary arguments.

Most importantly, Spencer at trial presented her client's damages expert on direct examination. Skiermont said that Spencer walked this expert through a complex reasonable royalty analysis.

"Asha's direct examination was excellent," Skiermont said. "It was clear, thorough and engaging, retaining the jury's attention and focus despite the numerous complicated factors at issue."

The jury eventually returned a verdict of willful infringement for Skiermont Derby's client and awarded damages near the top end of the range that Spencer's damages expert presented at trial.

Those who know Spencer aren't surprised by all this praise. Alison Siegler, clinical professor of law at the University of Chicago Law School, worked closely with Spencer during the 2009-2010 school year, when Spencer worked as a student in the Federal Criminal Justice Clinic, the clinic that Siegler serves as director. Here, Spencer represented indigent clients, all of whom were charged with serious federal crimes.

"Of the approximately 700 students I have taught and supervised at the University of Chicago, Spencer ranks at the very top," Siegler said. "She stood out as a trailblazer and a top achiever throughout law school."