Daniel A. Goldfaden
Levin & Perconti
Personal injury

How do you measure the talent of an attorney? Courtroom results are certainly a start. And by that measure, Daniel Goldfaden ranks as one of the most successful medical-malpractice and personal-injury attorneys in the Chicago area.

A rundown of Goldfaden’s results is impressive. He reached a settlement of $4.29 million with a hospital and several physicians for failing to perform a stat echocardiogram on a 38-year-old woman after it was ordered by an attending physician. The woman died 12 hours later.

Goldfaden also won a $4.1 million verdict on behalf of the family of a woman who suffered a debilitating stroke following her short-term rehabilitation facility’s failure to provide her with the medication Coumadin. During this case, which was tried against two defendants, Goldfaden was responsible for arguing and drafting important motions and conducting direct and cross examinations of several witnesses. The verdict he helped achieve is still a record under the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act.

Then there is the $3.5 million settlement in a birth injury case resulting in seizures, acute respiratory failure, ventilator dependence, the placement of a tracheostomy tube, the placement of a gastrostomy tube and, ultimately, death.

It’s clear from just this brief history that Goldfaden has earned his reputation as one of the top personal-injury lawyers practicing in Chicago.

“Daniel has a practice that is devoted to helping injured people and their families in their greatest time of need,” said William Turner, assistant dean for advancement at the University of Illinois College of Law. “In the courtroom, Daniel is known for his strong work ethic, persistence, calm demeanor under pressure and his ability to simplify complex factual scenarios and legal issues for jurors.”

Kevin Yen, with Chicago’s Strom & Associates, said that Goldfaden hasn’t come into his success by accident. This young attorney has worked hard to provide his clients with the best possible representation, Yen said.

“Daniel has a mastery of the law regarding personal injury, civil procedure and trial preparation, including discovery,” Yen said. “He has impressed me on numerous occasions with his working knowledge and evaluation in preparing a case for trial.”

Ronitha Maharaj, with Chicago’s Hall, Prangle & Schoonveld, said that while Goldfaden has earned strong verdicts for his clients, his greatest victories have come in negotiating million-dollar settlements on their behalf. This is a trend that Maharaj won’t be surprised to see continue.

“He is able to read the situation and value the case accurately to ensure resolution,” Maharaj said. “Daniel is a very hard-working and honest attorney. He is effective in his communication and will go above and beyond to work with counsel of record. He is intelligent and works effectively to advocate for his clients.”