Michael D. Sevin
Beermann LLP
Family and divorce law

Michael Sevin gets results, and he does it without putting on a show. That’s what stands out among this family law specialist’s peers. They say that Sevin is a fierce advocate for his clients. That he knows the law inside and out. And that he works tirelessly.

Shouting? Getting emotional during trials? That doesn’t happen.

“Michael has an amazing ability to talk softly, walk slowly but to carry a big stick,” said Howard Rosenberg with the Skokie-based Law Offices of Howard Rosenberg. “He never raises his voice, but is very assertive in his position on behalf of his clients.”

Family law cases can get heated. But Sevin’s peers say that this attorney doesn’t get rattled. Maybe opposing counsel will become excited. Sevin will simply take a breath and calmly, deliberately and with authority assert his client’s position.

This approach has paid off as Sevin takes on the most complicated of divorce cases, ones that often involve complex financial issues and challenging child-custody matters. Rosenberg points to a recent case involving a professional athlete. The amount of travel, the uncertainty of working out a parenting schedule and acrimony between the parties made this a challenging case.

But Sevin found solutions.

“Michael, against all bets, was able to work out an exceptional parenting schedule for his client,” Sevin said. “The baby was very young, and Michael’s client was very happy with the results.”

Jonathan Merel, an attorney in Chicago, has opposed Sevin in court on a regular basis and has been impressed by Sevin’s skills. Sevin drafts highly impressive briefs and memoranda of law in support of his client’s positions, Merel said. He also has a knack for persuading the court even when the facts of the case don’t necessarily favor his client.

“Michael is always on top of the facts of his cases, as well as the law as it applies to the facts,” Merel said. “He is always prepared when he argues before the court. I have observed him rise through the ranks of his firm at an expedited pace, given his ability as a family law attorney.”

Staci Balbirer, with Chicago’s Aronberg Goldgehn Davis & Garmisa, said that Sevin has earned his reputation for sincerity and honesty. And after opposing him in court, Balbirer said, she is not surprised that Sevin has built such a thriving family law practice.

She said that during a particularly contentious divorce matter, Sevin remained honest, calm and professional, helping to ease the stress in the case.

“To find an opposing counsel with such integrity in the domestic relations division is unique,” Balbirer said. “While there are no winners in divorce, I witnessed Michael’s representation of his client and his advocacy in a difficult situation. I don’t believe my case was unique. Michael’s reputation of sincerity and honesty speaks for itself.”