Michael M. Viglione
Ryan Ryan and Viglione
Plaintiff’s personal injury, medical negligence

The true sign of an attorney who has earned respect? His opponents praise him. Michael Viglione, a personal injury specialist with Waukegan’s Ryan Ryan and Viglione, has earned such kudos from the attorneys he has opposed.

This shouldn’t be surprising. Viglione, though only 35, has already amassed an enviable courtroom record, routinely earning highly favorable verdicts and settlements for his clients. Those who oppose him say no one works harder than Viglione and that no one is more prepared to advocate for his clients.

And when it comes to knowledge of the law? Viglione again shines.

Michael Narduli, an attorney with Chicago’s Morse Bolduc & Dinos, has faced off in court against Viglione in several cases. He says that Viglione is wise beyond his years.

“He writes an exceptional brief and is a gifted speaker. As a result, I believe he has gone on to defeat what have been some good summary judgment motions that I have written,” Narduli said. “I have had several settlement conferences with Michael. He seems to always get top dollar out of me when negotiating cases. I believe he will only get better in the future.”

One unusual strength that Viglione has? Narduli said that this young attorney has what he calls a photographic memory regarding case facts and the law. Narduli said that Viglione has the ability to instantly recall citations to case law and witness testimony during oral arguments and during settlement conferences.

Some of Viglione’s impressive victories include a $15 million recovery for a Dixon man who suffered bilateral amputations due to failure to timely diagnose and treat arterial blood clots. The settlement was the highest personal-injury recovery ever recorded in Winnebago County.

Viglione also helped obtain a $4.5 million wrongful death recovery for the family members of a concrete worker who was hit and killed by a truck, which was the highest wrongful death recovery recorded in Boone County.

Viglione also earned a $2.75 million recovery for a woman who suffered multiple fractures, depression, chronic pain and post-concussion syndrome following a motor vehicle accident, a $2.52 million recovery for a man who suffered partial blindness and multiple surgeries following a motor vehicle accident, and a $1 million recovery for a women that suffered a partial tongue amputation resulting from a scoliosis repair surgery.

Tim Whiting, with Chicago’s Whiting Law Group, said that Viglione’s success is all the more impressive when you consider his young age. As Whiting says, it is rare to see an attorney notch so many victories before his 40th birthday.

“Michael has serious passion for the law and a willingness to take a client’s case to trial if justice requires it,” Whiting said. “Michael is one of the most impressive young trial lawyers I have encountered in my career, which is especially impressive given his small-firm affiliation and limited access to big-firm resources.”

“My legal mentors and my partners are my parents. I am incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to come to work every day and witness the devotion, skill, and ethics which they bring to every case, big or small, that they handle. Any success obtained is owed to them.”