Sarah Ferrill
Swanson Martin & Bell
Medical-malpractice defense

Sarah Ferrill has steadily earned a reputation as one of the top medical-malpractice defense attorneys in the Chicago legal scene. And while Ferrill’s knowledge, along well as her time as a plaintiff’s lawyer, work ethic and courtroom savvy have certainly played major roles in her success, her peers point to one other key reason for her standing in this field: She’s utterly devoted to her clients.  

Patrick A. Salvi Managing Equity Partner and Chairman of Salvi Schostok & Pritchard had this to say about Ferrill, “Sarah has exceptional trial skills, including preparation, persistence, and excellent on her feet in the court room”. 

Ferrill represents hospitals, physicians, physicians’ groups, nurses and other health-care professionals in medical negligence cases, serving her clients from the pre-suit investigation stage all the way to trial. She also represents clients in general tort, premises and product liability work. 

Those who have opposed Ferrill in the courtroom are familiar with this young attorney's skills. Bridget Duignan, with Latherow & Duignan, is a good example. 

Ferrill defended a medical-malpractice case that Duignan filed on behalf of her clients. These clients had lost their mother who suffered from an undiagnosed pulmonary embolism. Duignan said that Ferrill vigorously defended the case, providing her clients with the best possible representation. 

But Ferrill demonstrated something else during that case that impressed Duignan, too: empathy. 

"I was most impressed by how she treated each of the defendant’s family members with compassion and respect," Duignan said. 

Joseph Balesteri a partner at Power Rogers who nominated Ferrill said, “In defending cases, she understands how a plaintiff's lawyer thinks.  Her Salvi training is a significant asset that will always be part of her.”

Duignan and Balesteri are far from the only legal pros impressed by Ferrill. James McGing, a former Cook County judge and now a partner with Miller & McGing, has also seen Ferrill shine in the courtroom. 

McGing oversaw a 2016 case in which Ferrill litigated the trial of a doctor in a negligence case. Ferrill's client earned a defense verdict.

McGing said that Ferrill's work in and outside the courtroom played a major factor in this positive result. 

"Sarah conducted the finest closing argument that I have ever witnessed and completely destroyed, point by point, the plaintiff's case relating to alleged negligence," McGing said. 

McGing said that Ferrill ranks as one of the best trial attorneys in Chicago. He said that Ferrill is always prepared and knowledgeable, and that she boasts the ability to absorb even the most complex medical issues. 

Despite her busy career, Ferrill finds time to give back to her profession. She serves as chair of her firm's medical negligence and health-care practice group and is a member of the general trial practice, commercial litigation and products liability practice groups.  

Ferrill also serves as a member of the firm's recruiting committee, associate education committee and as a mentor in Swanson Martin & Bell's summer associate program. Ferrill is a member of the Chicago Bar Association's Judicial Evaluation Committee and a frequent guest speaker at CBA events and seminars.