Nevin Gewertz
Bartlit Beck
Patent litigation, products liability, commercial disputes

Nevin Gewertz has already established himself as a go-to trial lawyer in Chicago. He's done it at Bartlit Beck, a firm with many of the most talented trial lawyers in the country. 

Focusing on cases with a scientific element, Gewertz has developed the ability to distill complex information into points that are easily understood by juries, working tirelessly for his clients and showing poise in the courtroom. 

These skills are evident when looking at Gewertz's history of successful verdicts and settlements. He helped obtain summary judgment in favor of his client, Stryker Corp., in a merger dispute, won a bench trial on behalf of Endo Pharmaceuticals in Hatch-Waxman litigation, assisted DuPont in reducing damages in a challenging product-liability trial in Florida state court, and won a significant Lanham Act false advertising case on behalf of drug monitoring company, Ameritox. 

"Nevin has developed a unique ability to distill complex scientific issues into approachable messages for trial," said Andrew Polovin, general counsel for Tempus. Nevin has worked closely with FDA experts, medical professionals and other scientists to develop expert materials, conduct depositions and build trial themes on topics such as artificial spinal disc implants, citrus tree microbes, and the chemistry behind HIV, Hepatitis C, and PAH treatments.

Given his successes, Gewertz was named a partner at Bartlit Beck in 2015. Clients trust him to lead teams handling the most sensitive of legal issues. 

Recently, Gewertz has taken a lead role in litigation brought by the founders and former employees of a prominent start-up against various late stage investors. "This is a recognition of not only Nevin's immense ability, but also the fact that while not yet 40, he has developed beyond an early specialty in patent litigation to become a strategist and all-around lawyer trusted to handle virtually any kind of important litigation," said Ralph Sutton, CEO of Validity Finance.

Julia Spiegel, deputy county counsel with the Santa Clara County Counsel's Office, worked with Gewertz when he provided amicus support to the northern California county’s suit challenging a Trump executive order that sought to defund sanctuary jurisdictions. Spiegel said Gewertz brought together dozens of legal academics with diverging opinions and areas of expertise and led them as they created a single brief in support of the county's position. Gewertz crafted a well-researched brief with the support of a few key professors. "And with that base of support, he worked diligently to bring on the strongest voices he could," Spiegel said. "This proved to be a savvy tactical move that lead to a strong coalition of support and brief.”

Allison Chock, chief investment officer and U.S. legal counsel for Bentham IMF, said her company frequently works with Gewertz on proposed patent investments. Chock said company officials trust Gewertz's instincts and practical legal advice and turn to him first when they need to tap the trial team at Bartlit Beck. "Nevin is unusually skilled in patent litigation for his age and is a bit of a maniac at business generation," Chock said. "He has great judgment, is seasoned beyond his years and is wonderful to work with as a person.”