Alexa Goutos
Dussias Wittenberg Koenigsberger LLP
Family law

What sets Alexa Goutos apart from her fellow family practice lawyers? Her peers point to Goutos' ability to earn favorable settlements and verdicts for her clients in cases that others would deem unwinnable. 

Goutos often proposes alternatives that satisfy all parties in a case. But she doesn't hesitate to stand before the court and fiercely represent her clients. This rare combination — creative in developing solutions and zealous and skillful when a case goes to court — makes Goutos one of the most sought-after young family law practitioners in Chicago. 

Attorney Dominic Buttitta often seeks out her advice on legal matters. He said that Goutos never fails to impress and always provides her clients with the best possible representation.

"I have seen Alexa argue before the bench. Her ability to relay a clear, understandable and legally backed argument is truly fantastic," Buttitta said. "I can honestly say that Alexa is one of the best lawyers I have come across. Alexa is truly a fantastic lawyer and possesses all the traits that every great lawyer needs, including being ethical, knowledgeable, hard-working, honest, professional and respected."

In one example of her skill at crafting solutions for her clients, Goutos represented a wife whose husband had moved his girlfriend into the couple's former home. The woman's 13-year-old daughter was opposed to having any interaction with her father's new girlfriend. Goutos' client, though, wanted to maintain a solid co-parenting relationship with her daughter's father.

Goutos suggested mediation. She attended the mediation with her client and helped her broker a settlement. Goutos recommended that the parties and their daughter attend therapy. The daughter now has a good relationship with her father.

"Ms. Goutos has consistently demonstrated an excellent understanding of both the facts of the cases and of the relevant law needed to succeed in those matters.” said a judge in the Cook County Domestic Relations Division “As a judge, I have presided over bench trials and pre-trials in which Ms. Goutos has advocated on complex and emotionally charged issues with diligence, clarity, and extraordinary competence.”

Kyle Kasmarick with Syregelas & Kasmarick said that Goutos never hesitates in helping her clients. For example, while Goutos was on vacation, a client contacted her regarding an issue requiring emergency attention. Goutos handled the matter personally, preparing the emergency pleadings while on vacation and returning the following Monday to argue the matter successfully. 

And because the majority of her cases involve significant assets and complex financial issues, Goutos works with lifestyle experts, forensic accountants and other consultants. Kasmarick said that he has seen Goutos' work uncover substantial hidden income and assets, something that directly benefits her clients and their children.

"Alexa is defined by her character and integrity," Kasmarick said. "I have witnessed the respect she has earned with clients, opposing counsel and judges. She is exceptionally trustworthy and constantly accessible to her clients. I believe more than many other attorneys, Alexa understands that clients need to know that their attorney will be there for them any hour of any day. She is fearless and her confidence provides others with calm and peace of mind.”