Simul Jhaveri
Beermann LLP
Family law

The fusion of Simul’s ability to provide each client with respect, clear advice and creative solutions to complex needs is what makes Simul an exceptional attorney. 

It is crucial for family law practitioners to have not only top legal skills but to be able to empathize with their clients. Simul Jhaveri is one of those rare attorneys who possess both skills. This is why Simul has quickly established herself as one of the top family lawyers in Illinois. 

Simul began her legal career as a personal-injury litigator. As a young attorney, Simul spent the first few years of her career representing multi-million dollar companies.  After building a strong litigation foundation, Simul made the decision to pursue a different area of practice.  Simul was hired at one of the biggest family law firms in Illinois.  Today, Simul has built a thriving family law practice.

Scott Kramer of Griffin McCarthy & Rice has witnessed Simul’s interactions with her clients and has always come away impressed.  During a mediation session, Simul fought for her client's needs while still maintaining realistic expectations for the client. 

"The same issue could have taken months in the court system and cost the client tens of thousands of dollars," Kramer said. "Simul worked hard toward a resolution that kept her client out of court. Thanks largely to Simul’s advocacy, the parties were able to reach a financial resolution on the case in one day.

Simul has handled multiple cases for Joseph Smeeton, owner of Smeeton Law. "Simul has taken exceptional care of my family," Smeeton said. “Simul’s attention to each case allowed my family member(s) to feel comfortable under her guidance and helped each of them reach an amicable resolution without litigating a single issue.” 

Claudia Gallo, a partner with Berger Schatz, first met Simul on the opposing side of a contentious divorce case. "Despite the very emotional nature of the case and tension between our clients, Simul was professional, practical and resolution-focused throughout," Gallo said. "She effectively presented her client’s position without compromising her values or engaging in personal attacks. Although the clients were at odds with one another, Simul worked with me, as opposed to against me."

"As a divorce attorney, it can be difficult to keep your emotions in check," Gallo said. "Simul is an attorney who is able to do just that and skillfully argue the law, which allows her to present the best case for her client. Simul's professionalism and genuine respect for others is a truly remarkable asset in our profession."

Simul is the type of attorney that will work hard to ensure her clients have quality representation.  Her dedication to the practice and commanding presence both inside and out of the courtroom is what makes Simul a standout attorney among her peers.