Michael Shanahan
Levin & Perconti
Personal Injury, Nursing home neglect, medical malpractice, wrongful death, trucking

Michael Shanahan has already earned a long list of impressive verdicts and settlements for his clients, many in the $1 million range. This bodes well for Shanahan's future success: After all, this medical-malpractice attorney is just 33. 

Shanahan earned a $1.5 million negligence settlement against a Chicago-area community integrated living arrangement group home. He also secured a $1.17 million nursing home negligence settlement and a $1 million negligence settlement in another nursing home case. 

Shanahan's courtroom victories also include a $900,000 medical-malpractice settlement and a $500,000 nursing home negligence settlement. 

During his career, Shanahan has handled a variety of medical malpractice, nursing home, products liability, personal injury and wrongful death cases. And, as his results show, he's done it well. 

One nominator, a retired Illinois judge, has seen Shanahan's legal skills up close and the judge was impressed. 

"Michael has always impressed me with his level and degree of detail, preparedness and writing ability," the nominator said. "95% of lawyering is being detail-oriented, prepared and being able to succinctly convey that preparedness to third parties. Michael is gifted in those areas at the young age of 33."

This nominator points to a motion practice at the Daley Center. During this session, the judge asked a myriad of questions. No matter what he asked, though, Shanahan consistently knew the answers and was able to fully articulate them, referring to the most recent case law. 

Another nominator, also a Cook County judge, praised Shanahan's legal abilities.

"Michael has a wonderful presence in a courtroom, which draws the attention of other lawyers," the nominator said. "He is passionate, trustworthy and confident, all the qualities of a gifted trial lawyer

Others point to Shanahan's willingness to go to trial for his clients. Adam Durkin, with the Rosemont -based law office of Storino Ramello & Durkin, said that Shanahan works long hours researching his cases and preparing strategies. He's also ethical, honest and committed to his clients.

This combination has served this young attorney well, Durkin said. 

"Michael has a deep understanding of the law and his experience in litigation makes him confident in his ability to negotiate a favorable and fair settlement for his client," Durkin said. "If he cannot negotiate a just settlement, then he has no hesitation to proceed to litigation to obtain a just result."

Matthew D'Avanzo said that the future is bright for Shanahan. He points to a medical malpractice case that Shanahan took to trial, earning a verdict of more than $1 million. As D'Avanzo said, that is a rare feat for such a young attorney. 

"Even in a firm that is full of quality young attorneys, Mike stands out," D'Avanzo said. "He has a unique ability to both zealously advocate on behalf of his clients while also remaining courteous with his peers in the courtroom. He is able to not dwell on side issues and cut to the core issues of his cases, which results in more efficient results on behalf of his clients.”