Katherine Twardak
Tomasik Kotin Kasserman LLC
Personal injury

Katherine “Katie” Twardak, of Tomasik Kotin Kasserman, LLC, has risen quickly in her field, becoming one of the most respected personal injury lawyers in the city. Those who have observed her in the courtroom say this isn't surprising, as Twardak is fiercely dedicated to her clients, possesses an in-depth knowledge of the law and is never outworked at trial. 

Just ask Brian Henry of Pretzel & Stouffer. Henry, who was opposing counsel in an early 2020 trial with Twardak, remarked that she demonstrated skills far exceeding those of far more experienced attorneys. 

Henry  commented, that at trial Twardak handled several direct and cross examinations, and that her skills shone through in each. 

Henry said, "Her skills are clearly above those of many lawyers I have seen in practice who have similar years of experience."

Twardak started her law career at Johnson & Bell, Ltd. a defense firm where she trained under some of the best medical malpractice defense trial lawyers in Illinois. There, Twardak established herself as a top, sought-after associate in the health-care group, representing hospitals and healthcare providers. 

Twardak obviously impressed the partners at Johnson & Bell. During her time at the firm, she second-chaired two medical-malpractice trials, an impressive feat for a younger attorney. 

Now, though, she works as a member of the plaintiffs' bar. Since joining Tomasik Kotin Kasserman, Twardak has continued her practice in medical malpractice but has expanded her practice, which now also includes wrongful death and personal injury, transportation negligence, construction negligence, premises liability, and products liability. 

Earlier this year, Twardak was Summer Luzynczyk's of Pretzel Stouffer opposing counsel in the Mickles v. Lynch trial, a medical negligence case that had the potential for a significant jury verdict award. This was Twardak's first trial as a plaintiff's attorney. 

Twardak, was not intimidated, Luzynczyk said.

"Given what I knew of her capabilities previously as a defense attorney, I was not surprised at all by how easily Katie seemed to handle the transition to the plaintiff's side," Luzynczyk said. "She did an exceptional job for her client. She handled all the motions in limine, she put on key witnesses in her case and she cross examined key medical experts of the defense. She clearly had her objectives in sight during each aspect and she worked very hard to achieve her goals."

"Katie has all the requisite skills to be one of the stars of the plaintiff’s bar in Chicago in the next 30 years," said Chicago attorney Tim Cavanagh. "I have no doubt she will achieve that status.” 

While Twardak’s commitment to her legal career is self-evidence, she is equally as dedicated to giving back to the community, with a focus on Chicago’s at-risk youth. Twardak currently serves as a member of the Leader Council for Mercy Home for Boys & Girls and as a member of the Auxiliary Board of the Lawyers Lend-A-Hand to Youth. Twardak also serves as a Director of the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois and is an active member of A.A.J., C.B.A., I.S.B.A. and I.T.L.A.