Dennis M. Lynch
Parente & Norem, P.C.
Personal injury, workers' compensation

Dennis Lynch is the lawyer’s lawyer.  He began his legal career at the age of nineteen when he joined a Chicago based personal injury and workers compensation firm as a clerk.  Since then, he has developed his craft and become proficient in every facet and variation of an injury case. 

Lynch has a genuine love for the law.  You can find him with his printed copies of the recent court decisions - always marked over in yellow highlighter and scribbled notes.  He starts each case by breaking down the relevant jury instructions and legal issues.  He uses that as his North Star to guide him through every turn of the case from pleading, to depositions, trials, and appeals. 

The results speak for themselves.  Since the start if his career Dennis has earned several multi-million-dollar verdicts and even set records.  He has seamlessly guided hundreds of injury clients through the different avenues of the justice system – be it Cook County, Federal Court, Downstate, or the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission. 

Michael Reagan, an attorney based in Ottawa, Illinois, says that Lynch has the rare ability to thrive in any environment. He has won large verdicts for clients in Cook County and in smaller counties downstate. This, Reagan says, is a testament to Lynch's character and legal skills. 

"Dennis has a remarkable ability to know and employ the law," Reagan said. "He is diligent in keeping abreast of new developments in many areas. He is often involved in cases with multiple parties assigned with his client. I know that other counsel frequently rely on Dennis to do solid work in shaping legal presentations that the other teams rely on and benefit from."

Lynch's cases have involved a wide range of issues, too, including interstate trucking, insurance bad faith, products liability, workers' compensation, construction, nursing home litigation and medical malpractice. 

He has also notched many successes when pursuing appeals in the Illinois Supreme Court and the Appellate Court. Lynch recently obtained an Appellate Court victory on behalf of a union sprinkler fitter who was injured as result of a defective elevator at a jobsite. 

He also argued and won an Appellate Court case involving the traveling employee doctrine in workers' compensation litigation. This victory is considered a landmark case in the field of workers' compensation. 

A judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County's Law Division, said that Lynch always commands the attention of a jury and is committed to his clients. 

"Dennis' opponents speak highly of his skills and professionalism," the judge said. "While Dennis has already achieved great results as a trial lawyer, I am confident that his reputation will continue to grow." 

Lynch's expertise has not gone unnoticed. As a result of the work he's done for the victims of trucking accidents, he was named to the board of governors of the American Association for Justice's Interstate Trucking Litigation Group. Lynch is also a frequent speaker and author for ITLA, IICLE, ISBA and AAJ on a wide variety of topics. And when he's not tackling those speaking gigs? Lynch lectures at Loyola University Chicago School of Law on construction law and tort and personal injury issues.