Tanvi Patel
Neal Gerber Eisenberg
Intellectual property

Tanvi Patel didn't take the shortest path to a career in law. Before building a successful practice in the field of intellectual property law, Patel worked at Caterpillar, Inc., in the company's electric power generation group. 

This experience has helped Patel, her electrical engineering education and technical background giving her the tools necessary to better understand the complex technologies on which so many of her clients rely.

This technical knowledge combined with Patel’s work ethic, in-depth knowledge of the law and unwavering commitment to her clients has helped this young attorney quickly develop a reputation as one of the top intellectual property specialists in the city.

Just ask her peers: They say Patel has that rare ability to quickly assess the needs of her clients while crafting the best possible solutions to their challenges. 

Christine Bedi, vice president, associate general counsel and assistant secretary with Downers Grove-based Elkay, has worked closely with Patel, who has served as outside patent counsel for the company.

"I have come to appreciate her abundant intelligence, wit and drive, which have made her a tremendous asset to our company," Bedi said. "She is exceptional at taking complex intellectual property concepts and strategies and distilling them down in an understandable manner." 

As Bedi says, it is rare for business leaders to praise outside legal counsel. But that's exactly what they do when talking about this intellectual property specialist.

"Tanvi is the exception," Bedi said. "I regularly hear from business leaders regarding how satisfied they are with her counsel and guidance."

Jennifer Byrne, director of the Young Lawyers Section of the Chicago Bar Association, is also familiar with Patel's drive, intelligence and knowledge of the law. Byrne has worked closely with Patel on bar association projects, including the Chicago Bar Association's Leadership Institute Program in 2018. 

Byrne said that Patel set herself apart from other participants in the leadership program. 

"Out of a group of several highly accomplished lawyers, Tanvi stood out as being relatable and thoughtful in the opinions she shared throughout her participation in the program. The qualities she demonstrated -- thoughtfulness, strong public speaking ability and leadership skills -- all translate positively to her lawyering abilities."

Patel's clients praise her legal skills, too. Victoria Donati, senior vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary at Crate & Barrel Holdings, has worked with Patel for nearly eight years. 

Donati said that Patel, who serves Crate & Barrel as an outside legal counsel, is always conscious of the company's goals. Patel never loses her focus on helping Crate & Barrel meet these goals.

"She fiercely protects our interests strategically and practically, but she also knows when it's time to take another approach. She knows there are two sides to every dispute, and that hard-charging ahead isn't the answer for every problem."