Colleen Reardon Daly
Colleen Reardon Daly

Name: Colleen Reardon Daly

Age: 47

Current residence: Chicago

Current position: Sole practitioner at Colleen R. Daly, Attorney at Law LLC

Past legal experience: Assistant state’s attorney in criminal appeals, juvenile justice and felony trial, 1996-2009; sole proprietor Colleen R. Daly, Attorney at Law LLC, 2010-present

Law school: The John Marshall Law School, 1996.

Campaign funds available, July 1-Dec. 31: $58,086.86

Campaign funds spent, July 1-Dec. 31: $38,129.33

Campaign website:

Family: I have been married for 21 years. We have three children who are ages 17, 15 and 11.

Hobbies/interests: I have always been an active member of the community and am actively involved in various charitable activities. I am a strong supporter of local businesses and youth sports in which my children also participate. I am a regular sponsor of local youth softball and baseball teams. I am a longtime volunteer at my children’s school where I am an instructor in the Art in Action Program. I am an avid runner and completed the Chicago Marathon in 2014 and 2016, and the 2017 marathon with a local group of women to raise money for both Misericordia and the Danny Did Foundation.

Have you ever run for office before?

Yes, I ran for judge in the 10th Subcircuit in 2016.

Why should voters support your candidacy?

I believe that voters should support my candidacy because of the balanced perspective that I would bring to the bench having worked as both a prosecutor and defense attorney. I have extensive experience in handling felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile law cases, as well as, in civil and administrative law matters. I am also a lifelong resident of the 10th Judicial Subcircuit and have conducted myself personally, professionally, as well as run my judicial campaign, with honesty, integrity, and fairness. I have been very humbled by the family and community support, the various endorsements and the very positive bar evaluations I have received in pursuing this judgeship.

Why do you want to be a judge?

I am seeking a judicial position to serve the public and ensure that all people will be treated equally and fairly in court. I believe that my diverse professional and personal accomplishments, as well as my work ethic and integrity have prepared me for the judiciary. As a former prosecutor, I sought justice for victims of crime. As a defense attorney, I truly understand the legal challenges people face and how these hardships affect families, businesses and communities.

What was the most interesting case you handled as a lawyer?

One of the most interesting cases which comes to mind is a matter that I handled when working as a prosecutor many years ago in the Child Protection Division. This matter was extensively litigated and involved many factual and legal issues. Additionally, there was extensive medical testimony from experts in which medical opinions differed greatly even among medical professionals whom worked in the same office. The variety of issues and legal considerations made this both a complex and interesting matter for me to be involved in as a young attorney.

What would you consider your greatest career accomplishment?

I would consider my greatest career accomplishment to have started my own law practice which is now in its ninth year of being open. Private practice has expanded my legal knowledge, allowed me to practice in front of and observe the practices of effective and excellent judges in a variety of forums and enabled me to gain experience in a wide variety of areas of law. Private practice has also strengthened my management skills as it has required me to also manage my own practice and case load and effectively represent my clients. Individuals have continued to retain me because of my work ethic, ethical reputation and ability to interact both professionally and as a staunch advocate for my clients.

What qualities do you plan to bring to the bench?

There are a variety of qualities which I would bring to the bench including my strong work ethic, my integrity, my diversified legal experience, my temperament, my fondness for people, my balanced perspective, my approachability, my management skills and my love of learning.