Northern Illinois’ bankruptcy judges will be doing much of their work over the telephone beginning Monday.

In Amended General Order No. 20-03, Chief U.S. Bankruptcy Judge A. Benjamin Goldgar on Thursday set out procedures designed to slow the spread of the coronavirus by limiting contact among people who work, practice or have cases in the court.

All court calls as well as motion hearings will be held on the telephone.

CourtSolutions LLC will provide the technology for the telephonic calls and hearings. Lawyers and others can set up an account by visiting or calling (917) 746-7476.

Lawyers may not appear in person for a court call absent an order by the judge presiding over the call. Lawyers must direct their clients not to come to the courthouse.

Court calls in Joliet, Kane and Lake counties will be held on their scheduled date and time. Calls at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse in Chicago will be staggered so only one call at a time is held.

A schedule of the Chicago judges’ court calls is included in the order.

Lawyers must continue to notice motions for presentment, but the motions will be considered in telephonic hearings rather than in-court hearings.

Motions must be served at least seven days before they are to be presented.

A notice of motion filed on March 30 or later must state that any party who opposes the motion must file a notice of objection at least two business days before the presentment date. The notice of objection does not have to state any reason for the objection.

If no one files a notice of objection, the judge may grant the motion without holding a hearing.

Lawyers may seek new dates for trials and evidentiary hearings that have already been scheduled.

The deadlines set out in the U.S. Bankruptcy Code or bankruptcy rules remain the same.

In matters not subject to those deadlines, the parties may agree to a seek a continuance from the presiding judge.

The bankruptcy court will be open during normal business hours.

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