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A roundup of court closures and cancellations
The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin has developed an interactive online map that tracks coronavirus-related delays and postponements in cases at every circuit court across the state. A listing of closures links to court orders from across the state and is updated daily.
No more surprise visits to Cicero nursing home, judge rules
Cicero officials won’t be allowed to make a second unannounced visit at a nursing home where several residents have died of COVID-19, a Cook County judge ruled Monday.
Are we in a Zoom meeting or a ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch?
Michael heard me yell out “come here quickly” and he ran the few steps from his home office into my home office. There on my computer screen were live pictures of Amy’s toilet, Robert flossing his teeth, and several other people upside down and right-side up.
Social distancing measures remain in place at county jail  
Measures designed to stem the spread of COVID-19 in the Cook County Jail will remain in place — at least until a federal appeals court takes a look at them.
States, cities plead for virus aid as Congress faces crises
WASHINGTON — One small-town Oklahoma mayor testified before Congress she’s worried the city’s 18-bed hospital can’t handle a second COVID-19 wave. Many counties are slashing sizable chunks of their government work force. States are staring down red ink as the fiscal year comes to a close.
Cook County chief judge pushes reopening dates back
Cook County Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans on Thursday extended the court’s shutdown for another month, setting target dates for resuming court operations in July.
CARES Act could allow early retirement fund access
With the CARES Act, Congress increased the ability of employees who have been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to access their 401(k) and other qualified retirement plan savings on an emergency basis. Plan sponsors have a choice whether to implement the new rules and, if the plan covers collectively bargained employees, the implementation will likely first need union consent.

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The paywall at chicagolawbulletin.com has been removed. For the latest coronavirus updates, postponements and cancellations of events in the legal community, check our website and COVID-19 updates blog. All court calls can now be found in the digital edition.

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