As the Illinois Creditors Bar Association enters its 26th year, all we can say is that having our silver anniversary in the midst of a pandemic was not ideal.

Even more, when the pandemic occurred, it disrupted all aspects of life, including our court system. But the ILCBA membership is resilient and played a vital role during the pandemic.

Our organization teamed with consumer groups to present a proposal to the Supreme Court to allow bank accounts frozen prior to the pandemic to be immediately released.

As courts considered reopening procedures, our organization held four hour-long sessions featuring local judges to explain their COVID procedures. Our organization consulted on the transition to the 30-day summons and gave feedback when the courts transitioned back.

Even now, as Cook County implements an early resolution program, our organization is weighing in to ensure access to justice for all litigants.

Now, as one president’s term ends and a new president transitions in, our organization’s focus will remain on collaboration with the courts and consumer groups to address an ever-changing landscape.

The ILCBA and its members are fully dedicated to continuing to play a meaningful and constructive role as our state slowly transitions from the “new normal” to something approaching the pre-COVID world.

Additionally, the ILCBA will continue to focus on education and outreach. The group’s seminars draw distinguished speakers not only from the membership but also from the consumer bar and the judiciary. The ILCBA looks forward to expanding educational opportunities that connect its members, legal experts, the courts and consumer advocates to promote transparency in the process and to foster improved, ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders.