On behalf of the Justinian Society of Lawyers, I wish to extend our organizations support and best wishes for Law Day 2021 — Advancing the Rule of Law Now.

More than ever in this time in history, the rule of law is the foundation for all members of society to protect their rights and promote justice and liberty.

Roman Emperor Justinian, whose name was adopted by our society, established the legal code of ancient Rome, which is the basis for many modern systems of civil law.

The members of our society, lawyers and judges alike, have given of their time each year on Law Day engaging in community outreach and educational opportunities, visiting schools to speak to students about the importance of the legal system which is so vital to our future and our world.

The Honorable Justice Anthony Scariano ended his “Brief History of the Justinian Society” as follows:

“We can do no less than to ensure that the opportunities that have been extended to us are made equally available to all others, regardless of creed, color, gender, national origin or ancestry. For the yearning of equality of opportunity and for freedom from discrimination is but a refraction of our own experience.”

All the best for this Law Day and for many more to follow!