An effective Law Day theme should hit close to home.

For those of us journalists who got to compile this year’s Law Day magazine, the theme Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society hits closer to work.

It’s a fun synergy this year: In an act of celebrating your profession, we get to celebrate our own.

We live and work in an era where leaders call the press an “enemy of the people” and fend off unflattering coverage by characterizing reporters as dishonest.

The press exists to question authority and hold those in power accountable. That can understandably irritate anyone in power — but it also holds the powerful in check.

When the legitimacy of the news media is undermined, we can all see the harm that’s done.

It’s got a corrosive effect on our civility and hinders our ability to function as a democracy. Just like in a lawsuit, it’s a lot harder to reach compromises when there aren’t shared facts undergirding the public exchange of ideas.

The way forward isn’t that complicated. Support your local journalists. Hold us accountable and make sure we can defend the quality and professionalism behind our work. Push us to always improve.

And the next time you see a sweeping attack of the media, consider who reaps the benefits from a society without transparency.

Inside these pages, we again feature messages from bar leaders in our vibrant legal community.

You’ll also get a look at some of the pressing topics that intersect with free speech and freedom of the press.

Whether you’re a journalist or a lawyer, you show up to work every day with a purpose, and your work matters. Let’s celebrate each other this Law Day.